WQ submersible sewage pump features

The main components of WQ submersible sewage pump are composed of impeller, pump body and base submersible motor. The pump and the motor are the same shaft. Since the pump is located at the bottom of the entire sewage pump, it can pump as much sewage as possible. The double runner design of the impeller greatly improves the overcurrent capacity of the dirt and effectively passes solid particles with a diameter of 50% of the pump diameter. Product implementation Q/TBJW2-2003 "Sewage Submersible Pump for Wastewater"


1, the cable is durable, waterproof: dirt-resistant heavy-duty rubber soft cable, resin infusion, compression fixed, no pull, long-term and reliable.

2, double seal, double protection: Double machine seal series configuration, truly double protection, ensure motor safety.

3, multi-channel detection, multi-channel protection: oil probe, float switch, can be real-time detection, and can achieve alarm, stop, retain fault signal and other functions, so that submersible motor safety and reliability.

4, strong flow capacity: dual flow design, to ensure that the pump operating efficiency and non-blocking.

5, easy maintenance: the use of dual-rail coupling device, so that when the pump takes off and landing without underwater operation, convenient maintenance, saving time and labor.

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