What are the problems when driving a three-wheel suction truck?

We must pay attention to the six road conditions of the three-wheel suction truck . For our safe driving, here are some points that we hope everyone can understand and help everyone:

1. We must be careful when driving three-wheeled suction trucks on snowy roads. It is particularly easy to prevent tires with small ground forces. Therefore, we must drive slowly on snowy roads, and we must keep a certain distance from other vehicles. Overtaking, you can not increase the throttle or slam on the brakes.


2. When encountering a section of a ditch, slow down slowly and enter in a skewed manner. Ensure that the three-wheel suction truck can be started safely. When entering the bottom of the trench, you should increase the throttle to open the top of the car.

3. Most people will think that we are much easier on gravel roads than on other roads. However, Xiao Bian reminds you here that you should not open too fast. Sand and gravel will cause the vehicle's tires to have reduced ground forces, making them particularly slippery. At the same time, if the speed of the vehicle is too fast, stones will be splashed and it will be easy to hurt the people on the roadside or other vehicles. Therefore, we must slow down at the corner.


4. In the event of a frosty weather, the general highway will be closed. As the three-wheeled suction truck for eco-cars is not closed, it is necessary to slow down during our driving. Increase the judgement of our staff. At the same time open the two-way lights and fog lights in order to better maintain the line of sight, if the fog is too big, we better put the car on the roadside safety place to rest for a while.

5. When the suction truck runs on the mountain road, it is necessary to choose the side of the road that is closest to the middle of the road. Turning points must remember the passerby or the vehicle next to the deceleration and pressure horn. Observe the situation of the opposite vehicle in time and stop it once it is in danger. Make sure to drive slowly in a safe situation. Pay attention to the collision of objects on the car with rocks. If you encounter overtaking at the rear, you can use the turn signal slowly to the side where the road is spacious.

The above is the relevant matters for the three-wheel suction truck that Xiaobian introduced for everyone. If you still want to know the relevant information, you can pay attention to our official website.

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