Weichai's overseas market has further developed its supporting export and sales increments in the first quarter

Recently, the reporter learned from the first-quarter economic operation analysis meeting held by Weichai International Service Department that according to a number of statistical data, in the first quarter of 2014, Weichai products supporting exports increased steadily, and new export breakthroughs were made in supporting exports and accessories sales. The construction of the central bank and service stations also proceeded smoothly as planned.

It is understood that in the first quarter, Weichai's overseas service and supporting work performed smoothly, and all work was steadily increasing. Under the grim situation in the global downturn, the International Service Department has taken many measures to achieve new breakthroughs in product work. The data shows that the matching exports of Weichai trucks, passenger cars and loaders have all achieved different degrees of growth, and the market share has increased significantly. In terms of sales of accessories, the largest increase was seen in the Africa and CIS centers, with a year-on-year increase of more than 50%.

In addition, in the overseas market channel construction, the International Service Department has focused on promoting the work of the central bank. At present, the International Service Department has successfully established a central repository for strategic markets such as the Russian Far East, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan. At the same time, the central bank building in Angola, Algeria and other countries is also in the process of progress.

In the first quarter, the International Service Department also focused on strengthening the operation and control of overseas service stations, optimizing and screening overseas service resources, increasing the allocation of resources to the strategic market, and further improving the local service network through new service stations. .

In the next step, the International Service Department will focus on the problems found in the first quarter to fully defeat the Group's nine-pronged hard work goal. It will decompose the indicators in detail and implement it to individuals. It will strive to achieve basic management through changes in the global industry downturn. Passive services are active services, actively carry out channel enhancements, and the construction of accessories networks, etc., and achieve new progress in overseas service work.

News original title: Weichai's sales in the first quarter of 2014 increased in sales of accessories and accessories

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