The scale of agricultural services is the main direction and focus of future agricultural modernization

First, ways and logic to improve agricultural efficiency!
Weak agriculture is due to low efficiency. How to improve efficiency is an inevitable problem. There are usually the following ways:

1. Improve land productivity and make per mu higher. Currently, this space for improvement is limited.
2, to improve labor productivity, there are two directions, mechanization to increase per capita cultivated area, refined scale to enhance the allocation efficiency of various resources.
Many people say that this is not a meaning?
Second, the scale of farmer management has entered a dead end!
The theory of using mechanization to increase the per capita cultivated area is good, but obviously there is a premise that it cannot be satisfied. Namely: China's land resources are limited, and the reality of people and land is small. If a person can cultivate 5 mu of land, he can cultivate 1,000 mu per capita by mechanization. Of course, when the land resources are infinite, the benefits will increase.
In the case of limited total land resources, there are two other problems brought about by increasing the cultivated area of ​​farmers or new agricultural entities through land transfer;
1. The original hidden cost is explicit, and the production cost is increased more than the scaled benefit. For example, rent, the original farmer farming is not a rent, of course, to pay rent.
2. What should the scale of labor saved? There are not enough job opportunities to accommodate!
After all, the reason why the large-scale operation of farmers is not feasible in China is mainly affected by the conditions of land resources (less people and more land) and the factors of urbanization of the population. In addition, it is straightforward, and the manpower saved by scale cannot be resettled. The cost of scale has not decreased!
Simply relying on expanding the scale of agricultural land is not an optional policy tool to promote the transformation of China's agricultural development mode.
The economies of scale of agriculture should be achieved through the optimization of factor combinations rather than simply increasing the scale of production.
Third, the scale of agricultural services is still ok!
Agriculture is a typical industry that relies on multiple factors to provide products. It relies on the input of modern factors such as land and labor, agricultural machinery, pesticides, and fertilizers, as well as the services of pre-production, mid-production, and post-production of agricultural production. The side effects of industrial chain length under natural conditions are dispersion and inefficiency.
Under the constraint that the scale of farmer households is difficult to expand substantially, China's agriculture will rely more on the expansion of service scales and service levels in all aspects of agriculture to achieve the scale of agricultural returns and improve the competitiveness of the agricultural industry.
Most of the service links in agricultural production, from traditional agricultural supply, agricultural farming, crop planting and harvesting, unified defense, to improved seed production, soil testing and fertilizer, technical training, to agricultural product storage, logistics and sales, etc. It is appropriate to adopt a method of large-scale centralized supply.
To put it bluntly: or you guys are so kind of land, but through the scale of service to improve the efficiency of agriculture.
Under the current conditions of various agricultural endowments, the potential for promoting the scale of agricultural services is huge, which should be the main direction and focus of China's agricultural modernization in the future.
At present, the scale of agricultural services, look good!

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