The joint press delegation of the 10 African countries visited Xiamen Jinlong

On April 27th, 2014, the joint press delegation led by Josias Sehlehla Charle, Chairman of the South African National Press Association, accompanied by relevant leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Affairs Office of Fujian Province, visited Dajinlong and received the overseas sales of Daikin Dragon. Tongren's warm reception.

At the symposium, Li Peng, manager of the Greater China Region of Dajinlong Overseas Sales Department, briefed the press delegation on the situation of Daikin Dragon and focused on the sales performance of Daikin Dragon products in the African market. Jinlong Bus has a good reputation in Africa. Currently, Grand Dragon products are exported to many countries in Africa and occupy a major share in some markets: Southern Africa market, Jinlong light buses have been exported to South Africa for seven consecutive years, and have accumulated 10,000 orders; In Angola, the vehicle has nearly 1,000 vehicles. In the North African market, Jinlong Bus has exported Algeria in batches for 10 consecutive years and has exported nearly 5,000 vehicles. In the West African market, Jinlong has exported 3,000 light passenger cars from Nigeria and more than 500 buses and coaches from Senegal. In the East African market, Jinlong coaches have been exported to Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. At present, the space for economic and trade cooperation between Dakin Dragon and African countries has been expanding. Li Peng hopes that the two sides can reach cooperation at a higher level and in a wider area and achieve win-win development.

The delegation of reporters expressed great interest in Daikin products, and deeply understood the after-sales services of Daikin products in the African market, the development of key markets, and the operation and production capacity of Daikin Dragon. Josias SehlehlaCharle, chairman of the South African National Journalists Association, said that Jinlong Bus has a good brand influence and market share in Africa. With the continuous deepening of Sino-African exchanges, it is hoped that more and more buses will be exported to Africa to serve local people.

After the seminar, the reporter delegation visited the bus assembly shop and the light passenger car.

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