Tenneco will supply Scania Euro VI aftertreatment system to Scania

The Tenneco Group has announced that it will provide the Scania Group with a Euro 6 emission standard diesel aftertreatment system for the assembly of the company’s heavy-duty trucks produced in Europe.

Gregg Sherrill, Chairman and CEO of Tenneco Group, said: “We are very honored to be able to cooperate with Scania Group in the next-generation truck project. These trucks will meet the Euro 6 standard for reducing nitrogen. Requirements for oxide (NOx) particulate emissions."

Tenneco will produce a post-processing system for Scania in accordance with Euro VI standards at its Emission Control System manufacturing facility in Edenkoben, Germany.

This is Tenneco's second supply contract from the Scania Group. Tenneco is currently producing a post-processing system that complies with the Euro V emission standard at its facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to support Scania’s presence in the South American market. business.

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