System processing central air-conditioning equipment pressure sensor

System processing Central air-conditioning equipment Pressure sensor system Central air-conditioning equipment Pressure sensor system Central air-conditioning equipment Pressure sensor

PTJ501 Micro Differential Pressure Sensor / Transmitter Hao Jie Electronic Differential Pressure Sensor / Transmitter Features:
1: The United States imported high-precision silicon piezoresistive differential pressure core, the accuracy can be higher than peers can be a level, the resolution has also reached a rise in height.
2: Haojie Electronics independently developed anti-jamming road system
3: The shell is imported aluminum alloy material, durable.
4: Haojie electronic pressure sensor housing structure of human design, the connector is only used 8mm diameter compression cock structure and M10 * 1 small thread assembly is convenient to measure the pressure to make disassembly.
5: Before assembling the square differential pressure sensor, the original high-density silicone was used to coat the connection surface, and four small nuts were used in the four feet to solidify, so as to improve the moisture resistance of the sensor.

Widely used in boiler air supply, underground ventilation, central air conditioning, air duct wind, building automation and other power, coal industry pressure process, pressure requirements of laboratories, fire control room air pressure control areas.
It is also called: Haojie Electronic Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter, positive and negative differential pressure sensor, positive and negative differential pressure transmitter, central air conditioning differential pressure sensor, furnace differential pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor , differential pressure sensor main technical parameters:
Range: ±(50Pa~200Pa~1KPa~10KPa~100KPa)
Pressure resistance: Ten times the range value Comprehensive accuracy: 0.5%FS, 1.0%FS
Output signal: 4 to 20mA (two-wire system), 0 to 5V, 1 to 5V, 0 to 10V (three-wire system)
Supply voltage: 24DCV (9~36DCV)
Medium temperature: -20~85°C
Ambient temperature: Normal temperature (-20~85°C)
Load resistance: Current output type: Large 800Ω; Voltage output type: Greater than 50KΩ
Insulation resistance: greater than 2000MΩ (100VDC
Sealing level: IP65
Long-term stability performance: 0.1% FS/year vibration effect: In the mechanical vibration frequency 20Hz ~ 1000Hz, the output change is less than 0.1% FS
Electrical interface (signal interface): Lead wire mechanical connection (threaded interface): M10×1, can be designed and produced according to user's requirements

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