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“This year, the Dongfeng Piston Bearing Company has been fully prepared for product R&D and basically has the ability to develop in parallel with Dongfeng Business. By next year, the company’s sales revenue will exceed 200 million yuan, further reducing losses; by 2012 In the year, the sales revenue will reach 300 million yuan, and the company will completely get rid of the loss of the hat.” On November 13, Zheng Sile, general manager of Dongfeng Piston Bearing Company, told reporters confidently: “A year ago, we did not dare to mention this. The goal, now, we have this strength and strength, because there are 'four carriages' pulling us to speed up."

Build a "four carriages"

In 2008, Zheng Si Le took over as general manager of Dongfeng Piston Bearing Co., Ltd. Recalling the situation at the time, Zheng Si Le said: “It can be said that the company was in a difficult situation when the company’s operating conditions were very difficult.” Starting in 2005, Dongfeng Piston Bearing Company began to suffer losses year after year, which seriously affected the survival of the piston bearing company. development of.

Zheng Si Le said that the most profound reason for this situation is the product structure. Recalling the history of the Piston Bearing Company, the efficiency of the company was very good in the 1980s. At that time, it mainly relied on the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Engine Plant. From the 1990s to the 2004, there was no loss for the piston bearing company. At that time, it mainly relied on Dongfeng Cummins. It can be seen that the previous survival problems of the Dongfeng Piston Bearing Company mainly depended on a main engine plant, which concealed huge risks.

From 2005 to now, the piston bearing company has been at a loss. “The engine factory of a commercial vehicle company that had previously relied on could not provide support for the survival and development of the piston bearing company. The reliance on Dongfeng Cummins was not able to fall behind due to its own ability, and the loss will follow.” Zheng Si Le said. Since the 90s of last century, Piston Bearings has supplied a full range of Dongfeng Cummins B-Series engines. After 2004, the B-Series engine business of Dongfeng Cummins began to shrink. For various reasons, the piston bearing company did not qualify for the supply of Dongfeng Cummins C-Series engines. The supply of the company to Dongfeng Cummins was greatly reduced, and the B-Series was supplied. The revenue is also falling sharply.

In view of this situation, the Piston Bearing Company's leadership team carried out reflections on the scientific development concept of learning and practice carried out this year, systematically planned the development path of the Piston Bearing Company in the future, and proposed the “four carriages” for sales: Dongfeng. Commercial vehicle company's engine factory supporting, Dongfeng Cummins Engine's supporting company, Shenlong TU5 engine supporting and Dongfeng passenger car's own brand engine supporting and social spare parts market supporting, using this "four carriages" to pull the piston bearing company out of loss Mud.

The existing capacity of the "four carriages"

After the construction of the "four carriages", how much ability and operability were there? Zheng Sile calmly introduced the reporter's current capabilities to reporters.

“First Carriage”: In order to obtain the supporting rights of several newly-developed engines from the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Engine Plant, the Piston Bearing Company timely followed up from the introduction of these several engines and achieved simultaneous development. At present, it has supplied Dci11 engine and 4H engine. Up to now, more than 8000 sets have been sold. With the further expansion of the production capacity of commercial vehicle engine factories next year, it is expected that the matching revenue of these two engines will exceed 60 million yuan.

“Second Carriage”: After obtaining qualifications for the Dongfeng Cummins C-Series engine in 2007, the sales revenue of the Piston Bearing Company gradually recovered. This year, it has achieved sales revenue of more than RMB 30 million. With the continuous development of research and development capabilities, Piston Bearings has now obtained the qualification for the development of a full range of Dongfeng Cummins products. Currently, Cummins D-Series engine supporting products have been developed and are expected to be available next year. In September of this year, the piston bearing company also obtained the qualification for the concurrent development of Cummins L-class engines, and it is expected to start supplying products in the next year. The old products have been solidly consolidated at Cummins, and new products have continued to follow. Dongfeng Cummins will be an important support for the steady growth of the sales revenue of the piston bearing company.

“Third Carriage”: Providing bearing support for Shenlong TU5 engine is the first step for Dongfeng Piston Bearing Company in the passenger car market. At present, Piston Bearing Company is speeding up the development of pistons and piston rings, and will strive to supply the next year. . On the other hand, from the early stage of the development of the Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle's own brand engine, the Piston Bearing Company took the initiative to follow up. With the launch of the Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle's own branded engine, the Piston Bearing Company will achieve simultaneous supply. It is expected that this year's passenger vehicle sector will achieve a revenue of at least RMB 30 million, plus the supporting revenue from Chaochai, Yuchai and the Dongfeng light engine ZD30, which will be another pillar of the sales growth of the piston bearing company.

The "fourth carriage" is the social spare part market. In the past 10 years, the piston bearing company has been maintaining more than 50 million yuan in the social spare parts market. Therefore, as long as this status quo is maintained, this horse-drawn carriage can be used.

Through the analysis of the "four carriages", the Piston Bearing Company has firmed its confidence in development. By 2012, turning the loss into an overall loss is no longer a simple rhetoric, and it finally has a solid foundation. “In five years, Dongfeng Piston Bearing Company will focus on the internal market of Dongfeng. Only by catching up with the pace of the east wind and supplementing the previous lessons, will it be possible to expand the markets outside the Dongfeng.” Zheng Si Le said.

The "four carriages" emboldened

Where does the "four-carriage" come from? Zheng Si Le attributed it to his own efforts and the improvement of the external environment.

In the past two years, the Piston Bearing Company has made great efforts in product development and has done enough training and preparation to keep pace with the east wind. In 2008, the company reorganized a 7-year-old department, the Product Development Department, with very difficult funding. Since the establishment of this department, technical personnel have grown to more than 20 people and established a brand-new engine test bench, which has been highly recognized by Dongfeng Cummins. This year, the department is also preparing to set up a test bench for passenger vehicles. In terms of calculation methods, the department has advanced computing software such as CEDCEE. Xue Jian, head of product development department of Piston Bearings, will say: “In the past, these hardware and software tools were not available, which is one of the important reasons why we cannot obtain approval from the OEM. ."

In the first half of this year, the product development department of the Piston Bush Company actively cooperated with the Commercial Vehicle Technology Center to bring the EGR engine to the market as soon as possible. "This period fully tested our resilience. The Commercial Vehicle Technical Center took out more than 10 programs at that time. Each program was to provide qualified prototype samples. All samples were completed within one week. This was unthinkable in the past. Now we have done it." Xue Jian will say. "Today's company's efficiency is not good, I have a certain responsibility; after two years the company's efficiency is still not good, I have a great responsibility."

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