Shanxi Coal Enterprises and Coalbed Methane Enterprises Are Friendly

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On October 16, Shanxi Guoxin Energy Development Group Co., Ltd. and PetroChina Coalbed Methane Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing. The two sides announced in a high-profile manner that they will use their respective advantages to build a full industrial chain for the extraction, collection, transportation and utilization of coalbed methane resources in and around Shanxi to improve the production and utilization of CBM resources.

This is another example of friendly cooperation between Shanxi coal enterprises and coalbed methane enterprises.

It is understood that due to the occurrence characteristics of coalbed methane resources and the consideration of safe production of coal mines, the state clearly requires that the exploitation of coalbed methane should adhere to the principle of “integration of coal and gas for gas extraction” and the mode of “development of coal extraction and gas extraction”. However, in the past due to institutional problems, the right to exploit coal seam gas was in the hands of central enterprises in the same mining area, but coal mining rights were in the hands of local enterprises. Shanxi Province has 10 trillion cubic meters of CBM resources and accounts for 1/3 of China's CBM reserves. PetroChina and China United Coalbed Methane Corporation have registered 28,000 square kilometers of coalbed methane mining rights in Shanxi. It accounts for more than 60% of the province's coal-bearing area and covers almost all coal planning areas in Shanxi Province. In this way, the overlapping of coal mining rights and CBM rights has become a serious problem that has severely restricted the development of the CBM industry.

In Shanxi, this stalemate began to break with the cooperation between coal companies and CBM companies.

Jincheng has 6.85 trillion cubic meters of CBM, which accounts for 2/3 of the province's reserves and 1/4 of the country's total. The city has signed a coalbed methane cooperation development and utilization framework agreement with PetroChina Huabei Oilfield Branch. The two parties will establish a company to promote local CBM development in accordance with Jincheng registration, Jincheng account opening and Jincheng duty-paying principle.

The North China Oilfield Company's 3,000 square kilometers of CBM field in Changzhi, Shanxi Province, has 600 square kilometers of gas rights that overlap with the coal rights of Shanxi Luan Group. At the beginning of this year, Huabei Oilfield cooperated with Lu'an Group to develop and complete 413 well sites in the Qiannan-Xiadian District of Shanxi Province within less than 6 months before completion of drilling. The previously disputed oil and land relations have transformed into a harmonious and harmonious partnership, and have also transformed waste into resources and threatens to become safe.

"After cooperating with the Huabei Oilfield, complementary effects have been formed, avoiding problems such as separate wars, disorderly mining and waste of resources brought about by the dispute over the mineral rights, which has accelerated the pace of development of the Group and is known locally and in the industry as 'China'.潞 model'.” The person in charge of the Chun'an Group told reporters.

In fact, after many years of disputes over the “overlap of the two powers” ​​in Shanxi, various related companies have begun to try cooperative operations, and plan and develop coalbed methane in a unified way to jointly break the deadlock between the two powers.

China United Coalbed Methane Co., Ltd. is a leading large-scale CBM exploration and development enterprise in China. Shanxi Orchid Group is the largest joint-stock enterprise in Jincheng City. Both parties have signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for CBM projects. According to the agreement, both parties will jointly explore, develop and use CBM resources within the company's existing coal resources exploration rights, mining rights, and CBM mining rights block; and coal and CBM in the coal mines of the two parties' cooperative regions. Technical exploration experiments for the coordinated development of resources; the two sides also decided to establish a system for exchanges and consultations with individuals, and actively provided each other with convenience, implemented specific cooperation projects, and accelerated the pace of CBM exploration and development in the region.

Shanxi Yangmei Coal Group also cooperates with the Central Enterprise Zhonglian Company. In August this year, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the coordinated development of coalbed methane and coal in the Shouyang cooperation zone. Li Liang, deputy chief economist of China United, stated that as central enterprises with gas rights, they support the cooperation with local coal enterprises to develop coalbed methane. The key is to coordinate the responsibilities and interests of all parties under the existing policies.

At the same time as local coal companies cooperate with central enterprises, cooperation among coal companies, enterprises and governments in the province has also frequently “tested for water”.

For example, the cooperation between Lanyan Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Shanxi Coal Group, and Huajin Coking Coal Co., Ltd., together with Shanxi Yangquan Coal Industry Group, jointly established Yongquan Blue Flame CBM Co., Ltd. and Xishan Coal & Power Co., Ltd. to form Xishan Lanyan CBM Co., Ltd. There is also the cooperation between Shanxi Lanhua Coal Industry Group and Shan Xia Mei Daning Energy Co., Ltd.; Lu'an Group and Shanxi Coal Geology Bureau jointly invested in the creation of gold mine CBM exploration and development company and so on.

At one time, the contradiction between the right to mineral rights was outstanding. Nowadays, partners have developed together. This is a significant change in Shanxi coal and CBM companies. People in the industry believe that if this model is implemented normally, the development and utilization of coalbed methane in Shanxi will achieve rapid progress.

A coalbed gas and oil and gas expert pointed out that according to international experience, cooperation between oil and coal companies in the exploitation of coalbed methane is the best model. Shanxi will plan to develop coalbed methane through the formation of a joint company. Therefore, many experts have suggested that the relevant state departments should study and formulate and introduce detailed plans for the setting and exit of CBM prospects as soon as possible so as to fundamentally solve this problem, straighten out the relationship between coal mining rights and CBM prospects, and vigorously promote The integration of coal mining and gas extraction supports the coal mining companies and CBM extraction companies to take the road of cooperation and development for a win-win situation.

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