Shanghai Li Ning 10K Road Running Shanghai Station Professional Photography Rocker Shooting Opening Ceremony

Shanghai Marathon Live Camera Li Ning 10K Road Shanghai Station Professional Photography Rocker Shooting Opening Ceremony

On June 5th, Li Ning’s 10K Road Tournament was held as scheduled at the Oriental Sports Center. The weather was beautiful and the breeze was blowing. This was God's best blessing to the runners; running friends from all over the country gathered in the stadium early in the morning. This is the confession of the runners who have the longest love for the road running activities; the five-year meeting of the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, year after year, once and again, this is Li Ning's most persistent attitude towards Shanghai runners. Don't worry, run, run, walk your legs, run forward! Your valiant heroes and heroes are recorded by your colleagues at Shanghai Jimei. Your enthusiasm is stored by your colleagues at Shanghai Jimei. When you look back one day, you can find photos and videos! Shanghai Jimei has provided the most professional photography, the highest clear camera, the longest love rocker, and the most popular aerial photography service for the Li Ning Road No. 10 Highway Station in Shanghai for 4 consecutive years. 021-61731000!

Shanghai Jimei Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (Meiji Television) has agencies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Currently, it has been the leader in commercial photography and is dedicated to the beauty of commercial photography to every customer!

Shanghai Jimei Culture Communication Co., Ltd.: Has a supporting film and television base, professional studio, photographic equipment.

Our team has photographed more than 500 large-scale commercial activities. The master-level photographer and stylist lighting executive director serve you wholeheartedly!

Shanghai Jimei constantly pursues innovation and will always lead the trend of commercial photography.

Commercial photography ---- is a trend, a brand. Is a symbol of fashion, but also a symbol of corporate pursuit of quality!

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Exhibition Service Price: (long-term cooperation offer):

2K 4k Professional HD Camera: A set of exquisite post-production HD discs (recommended; large-scale events, videos, micro-films, high-end interviews)

19201080P HD Professional Camera: exquisite post-production DVD disc set of 1,000 yuan (recommended; business, activities, meetings, celebrations, exhibitions, performances, opening, celebrations))

Professional HD Photography Day: Canon 5d mark iii - 21 million pixel SLR camera red circle lens - beautifully modified DVD disc set for a set of 1500 yuan (recommended; large-scale annual meeting, image, product, plant, clothing accessories)

Photography: Canon Nikon professional SLR camera Beautifully modified DVD production set of a set of 1,000 yuan (recommended; business, conferences, celebrations, exhibitions, performances)

Shanghai 6-bit high-definition switcher - HD high-definition video live broadcast (multi-position special effects switch live broadcast) 2000 yuan

Thousands of people group photo shot according to a large group (transfer machine shot 1000 yuan) take the shelf to wash photos another count:

Corporate micro-film shooting: planning creative, special effects, sound effects. Shooting. Narration, subtitles, three-dimensional films, etc., suitable for television broadcast and corporate image promotion. [2K 4k HD full HD shooting]

Note: "Photography" photos can be printed on the spot, that is, shoot 6-inch, 8-inch frame sent.

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