Sewage car wiper blade use matters needing attention

If the wiper of the suction truck was opened in rainy and rainy weather, it was discovered that the wiper did not clean the rain on the windshield. Driving the vehicle in such a condition would not only affect the driver’s driving. State, it will cause great security risks. Then what should we pay attention to when buying a wiper?

1, because the use of different models are different, so the front windshield of each vehicle will also have a gap. Of course, there will be some gaps in the size of the wiper, so when buying a wiper for a suction truck, it should be purchased in accordance with the size of the wiper it is equipped with. If it is not, the wiper will leak or collide. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the wiper and wiper arm smart matching and connection.

2. When picking up the wiper, the suction sewer first uses the finger to touch the following on the rubber sheet. If the rubber squeegee has the hardening, bulging, notch, aging, and damage, it directly proves this. The wiper is extremely unqualified.

3. After installing the wiper installed on the suction truck, you can start the wiper immediately and open the scrubber. (The main reason for turning on the scrubber is to prevent the wiper from damaging during the dry scraping.) The wiper can not clean the water attached to the windshield, and when the wiper is working, it is observed whether there is abnormal noise.

4, in the sunny day, the best is not to use a wiper to dry the dust attached to the windshield, there are some relatively small particles in the dust, will damage the wiper blade, it is best to spray some Glass water turns on the wiper. When you encounter stubborn hard stains, don't use the wiper. Use hand cleaning to be more effective.

5. When cleaning the windshield of a sewage suction truck , it is necessary to catch the connection parts of the wiper arm and the wiper blade, and the intensity should be light. If the suction truck is not suitable for a long time, then the wiper blade can be picked up, so as to avoid the deformation of the wiper blade caused by pressure.

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