Research on electrophoretic coating of locomotive supporting equipment

For high-safety products, such as the need for a smooth seat belt buckle, self-lubricating surface treatment of the electrophoresis system can provide a high degree of lubrication and surface protection, increase the service life, such as folding the rear seat in the compartment can be fastened Or positioning, safety belt buckles and other components, automotive fasteners are mostly bolted tightly, fasteners are made of steel, should have appropriate tensile force, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet performance, easy assembly, and long-term use during Tightening, in order to achieve the above requirements and can be mass-produced, generally using rotary immersion barrel plating or basket plating electrophoresis, the production process using a simpler phosphating process, and then electrophoresis, or using zinc alloy plating and passivation, and then reuse Electrophoretic paint, after phosphating electrophoresis, two electrophoresis combinations can be passed, another option is passivation of the first galvanized alloy, it can be just a layer of electrophoresis, in particular, in any electroplating process The acidic or cathodic treatment requires heat treatment to drive off the hydrogen contained in the substrate. Otherwise, hydrogen contained in the substrate will cause the workpiece to become brittle, causing the fasteners to burst in the automobile. In fatal accidents, a thin layer of zinc is often plated in the electroplating process and then heat-treated. In this case, before the second layer is electroplated, it has caused the embrittlement of the workpiece.

The use of anode electrophoretic paint can avoid hydrogen embrittlement caused by heat treatment, so as to achieve protection against corrosion, the car often need bright parts to improve the apparent performance, and these parts are generally chrome-plated, in order to reduce body weight and consider environmental issues, now more The more shiny parts of the body are replaced by aluminum alloys, aluminum alloys that have been properly treated, such as brightly rolled aluminum sheets, are used to maintain the long-term brightness of aluminum alloys in the appearance of chrome-plated parts, using the aluminum sulfate oxidation method, but this The treatment cannot withstand the various types of chemicals used in automobiles and the acid corrosion of acid rain. Due to the change of value, corrosion or aluminum oxide discoloration, especially the oxidation of aluminum after cold sealing treatment, such as the use of a thin aluminum oxide layer, plus The transparent electrophoretic paint is used as a seal to increase the protective performance of the aluminum oxide layer, and the electrophoretic paint layer can resist the erosion of various chemicals, which can retain the original (chrome) perception and reduce many electroplating processes. Do not use aluminum oxidation, but use electrophoretic paint directly, such as anode electrophoretic paint directly used in the pressure of the aluminum sheet, the appearance of anti-corrosion hard Degree and heat resistance have been accepted by the automotive industry instead of chrome-plated parts, and the current trend is (Sha Ni Matte) effect, especially the use of transparent or colored electrophoretic paint for interior parts and door handles, Conclusion Electrophoretic coating can be At the same time, it provides decorative and functional electrophoretic coating systems for auto parts. Due to the different requirements of metal substrates and requirements for auto parts, the electrophoretic paint system is also different. Cathodic and anodic electrophoretic systems with high coverage, and technological advancements in auto parts Electrophoretic coating.

Transmission Line Steel Tubular Tower

Our steel poles are made from quality sheet through bending, forming, automatic welding and hot galvanization. We can reach one-run machining length of 14m and can bend sheet of thickness up to 45mm. We adopt advanced welding procedures, automatically weld main joints and reach rank-II welding quality. We have got 500kV Transmission Line Tubular Tower Quality Certificate from Power Industry Steel Tower Qualified Inspection & Test Center from 2009 year.

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