Qingyang, Gansu: Completely renovate small coal-fired boilers with less than 10 tons of steam

Qingyang City has effectively strengthened the progress of the elimination and reconstruction of small coal-fired boilers and tea bath stoves with a capacity of less than 10 tons of steam in Xifeng city and counties and counties. On the one hand, dismantled self-built heating boilers and non-residential district heating boilers of administrative, industrial and institutional units in central heating districts; on the other hand, carried out coal-fired small boiler soot and sulfur dioxide emissions exceeding the limit of 10 tons below the threshold of dismantling. Comprehensive management, the use of clean coal is mandatory, to ensure that particulate matter emission concentration is controlled below 80 mg/m3, and the emission concentrations of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are controlled below 400 mg/m3. In 2015, the city of Qingyang invested a total of 120 million yuan to implement 8 types of key air pollution prevention and control projects. A total of 108 old small boilers were demolished, 12 boilers were converted to coal gas, 30 boilers were sealed up, and 81 coal were inspected and rectified. At the point of sale, coal quality inspection stations were set up at the main entrances to the urban areas to eliminate the entry and use of inferior coal. At the same time, the use of air source heat pump technology was promoted in some boiler users, and a management ledger was established for the elimination, treatment, renovation, and addition of coal-fired boilers in the jurisdiction.

This year, Qingyang City has made it clear that Xifeng City will complete more than 60% of 160 coal-fired boilers or clean energy transformation and standards compliance during the year. Each county will complete more than 30% of the elimination or clean energy transformation and compliance management tasks; The pass rate of inspection and control must reach 90%. At present, all 230 coal-fired boiler users involved in the rectification have issued notices for rectification within a time limit, and all coal-fired boiler users have formulated specific remediation plans and started to carry out rectification work.

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