Pretreatment process for refractory gold ore

The pretreatment process of refractory gold ore mainly includes four processes of roasting oxidation, autoclave oxidation, biological oxidation and chemical oxidation. In addition, the microwave oxidation method is still in the experimental stage.

Chemical oxidation by adding a chemical agent is performed at atmospheric oxidation, containing mainly applied to and atypical carbonaceous gold ore pyrite. There are advantages and disadvantages Chemicals ozone, peroxides, permanganate, chlorine, manganese dioxide, perchlorates, hypochlorite, isolated flotation process There are two main chlorination and reduction .

Biooxidation is the use of microorganisms such as Thiobacillus ferrooxidans to oxidatively decompose gold-coated pyrite, arsenopyrite and other components into sulfate, basic sulfate or arsenate under acidic conditions, thereby causing gold to be exposed. Easy to leaching in the next step.

The roasting oxidation is further divided into a conventional oxidizing roasting method, an oxygen-enriched calcining method, and a curing roasting method.

The autoclave oxidation is to treat the refractory gold ore at a higher temperature and pressure by adding an acid or a base to decompose the sulfide, thereby exposing the gold, contacting the cyanide solution, and reacting to form a gold cyanide complex to be recovered.

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