·Pre-review of environmental reclaimed rubber technical specifications

The pre-examination meeting of the self-regulation standard for the technical specification of “Environmental-type tire reclaimed rubber” organized by the China Rubber Industry Association Waste Rubber Comprehensive Utilization Branch was held in Tianjin Haifu Xindu Hotel.

The meeting focused on the "Technical Specifications for the Production of Tire Recycled Rubber", the "Technical Specification for the Production of Tire Recycled Rubber", and the "Technical Specification for the Recycling of Rubber".

It is reported that the standard is compiled by the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Rubber and Recycling Products of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry. Li Zian, the director and senior engineer of the center, introduced the formulation process of the technical specifications of “Environmental Tire Recycled Rubber”.

Zhu Hong, director of the China Rubber Association's Technical and Economic Committee, said that the self-discipline standards of the industry are organized by industry associations without the national standards, industry standards, local standards or in the case that the national standards, standards and landmarks cannot meet the development needs of the industry. Standards jointly developed by enterprises.

Zhu Hong said that the role of this self-regulatory standard in the development of the industry is manifested in five aspects: optimizing the industrial chain, promoting technological progress in the industry; promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, eliminating backward production capacity; realizing industrial innovation and development; establishing an honest industry image and realizing industry brands Strategy; to achieve the development of the industry from large to strong.

Cao Qingxin, secretary-general of the China Rubber Association's Waste Rubber Comprehensive Utilization Branch, introduced the background and significance of the self-regulation standard, and made a report on the mission and responsibility of rubber recycling.

The promulgation of the "Circular Economy Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China" has enhanced the mission of China's waste rubber comprehensive utilization industry. The "Tire Industry Policy" has determined that recycled rubber has become the main raw material for the rubber industry.

Cao Qingxin believes that in this case, the production and application of recycled rubber is blindly pursuing the physical strength and elongation physical indicators, ignoring the protection of the environment. He is resolutely opposed to the use of toxic and harmful coal tar, as this will lead to serious excess of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and "secondary pollution".

In the introduction of the industry to promote the development of environmentally-friendly tire reclaimed rubber products in accordance with REACH regulations, he stressed that although the price of biological and plant softeners is higher than the price of coal tar, although the production cost of environmentally-friendly recycled rubber is higher than that of contaminated recycled rubber. Cost, although coal tar has a great impact on the elongation and strength of recycled rubber, the elimination of coal tar is the need of enterprise development, the need for industrial upgrading, and the need for social progress.

Participants believed that the recycled rubber products with Chinese characteristics occupy an absolute position in the international market, and the environmental quality of products must also be in line with international standards. It is necessary to formulate self-discipline standards for technical specifications of “environmental tires for recycling rubber”, and eliminate toxic and harmful pollution softening such as coal tar. Agents are the inevitable result of industrial transformation.

The delegates hope that the Technical and Economic Committee of the China Rubber Industry Association will organize the final draft of the experts as soon as possible and will be able to promulgate them in March 2015.

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