Nanjing Feiyan 32 station electroplating automatic production line put into operation

Recently, the Nanjing Feiyan Piston Ring Co., Ltd. 32-position electroplating automatic production line technical transformation project has been fully installed, marking the company to take an important step in technological innovation to deepen product structure adjustment.

The electroplating automatic production line has the advantages of high quality and high efficiency. It is an advanced piston ring electroplating production equipment in the country today. It adopts an intelligent flexible control system, which enables quick product changeover, uniform coating thickness, high work efficiency, and low labor intensity. After full production, completely break the bottleneck of the company's electroplating production, significantly increase the overall manufacturing capacity, and play an active role in deepening product structure adjustment and accelerating transformation and upgrading.

The implementation of energy-saving and emission reduction is another feature of the production line. Electroplating enterprises are large consumers of energy. Electroplating is the focus of national pollution control. The company pays special attention to energy-saving and emission-reduction effects at the beginning of the production line project and design. The production line adopts advanced power supply equipment, saving electricity up to 25%, adopting a closed circulatory system, achieving “zero emission” standards, and saving water resources; at the same time, improving the working environment and achieving clean and civilized production.

Nanjing Feiyan Piston Ring Co., Ltd. is a large-scale joint-stock company specializing in the production of piston rings for internal combustion engines. The national high-tech enterprises have consistently ranked among the top three in terms of output, sales, profit, and other economic indicators for many years. The company has the ability to synchronize product design and development with automotive engine manufacturers and adopt advanced processing technologies from Germany, Japan and other advanced materials such as ductile iron, steel strips, high alloys, inlaid chrome plating, composite ceramics, molybdenum spray, FTC, etc. The process is widely used in manufacturing.

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