[Meter's Latest Patent] An Internet of Things Smart Meter and Its Management System

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today we will introduce a national invention-authorized patent—an intelligent water meter and its management system for the Internet of Things. The patent was applied for by Lintao Langtao Water Meter Co., Ltd., and was authorized on March 2, 2018.
Content Description
The invention relates to a water meter, in particular to an internet of things intelligent water meter and a management system thereof, belonging to the technical field of smart water meters.
Background of the invention
With the gradual development of the Internet of Things technology, the water meter and meter reading industries have gradually changed from traditional mechanical metering and manual copying to wireless remote information transmission and information-based automatic meter reading of the Internet of Things, which greatly improved the work efficiency of the water company; However, in actual operation, there are also deficiencies. For example, China is a country with a serious shortage of water resources. In the daily water use of residents, how to better conserve water resources is a very important issue. China has a vast territory, a large population, and per capita Even if you save a drop of water, it will be a huge number. If you can add the family water resource calculation system and reminder system to the smart Internet of things meter system, it will certainly play a big role; Forgetting to pay for water charges requires manual intervention in the use of water and water. This will also greatly increase the workload; therefore, how to solve the above two problems is a test for the current Internet of things meter system.
Summary of the Invention
In view of the existing problems, the present invention proposes an intelligent water meter and its management system for the Internet of Things. The intelligent water meter and its management system for the Internet of things can improve residents' awareness of water conservation and can improve the convenience of the management in terms of water shutoff and water use. , thereby reducing management costs.

The figure is an overall system frame structure diagram of the present invention
In order to achieve the above technical goals, the present invention adopts an intelligent water meter for Internet of Things, a water source inlet and a water source outlet are provided on the water meter, an electronic one-way valve is installed on the water source inlet, and a water flow measuring device for measuring the water flow rate of the water source inlet also includes: It can automatically calculate the water fee automatic measurement system based on real-time flow and a water monitoring system that can monitor the water flow at each outlet of the household. The automatic measurement system and the water monitoring system form a wireless connection with a mobile APP based on 3G or 4G networks. Including a background management end, the background management end and the water flow measurement device and the automatic measurement system on the water meter form a wireless interconnection, and form a wireless interconnection with the mobile APP.
The automatic measurement system includes an automatic calculation module, an information input module, and a signal conversion module. The automatic calculation module, an information input module, and a signal conversion module form an electrical connection. The water quantity monitoring system includes an installation at the outlet of each household. The water flow sensor, the water flow sensor, the signal conversion module, and the automatic calculation module form a wireless connection; the mobile APP is a mobile phone APP software installed on the smart phone and supports downloading, and the automatic calculation module and the information input module and the mobile phone APP software are formed. Wireless connection; The background management terminal includes a server equipped with a processor. The processor wirelessly connects with an automatic calculation module. The processor also has an automatic reminder module and a valve control module that can control the opening and closing of the electronic one-way valve. The module wirelessly connects the mobile phone APP software and the valve control module wirelessly connects the electronic one-way valve.
A printing device is also included. The printing device is installed in the water meter and is electrically connected with the automatic calculation module. The invention also discloses an intelligent water meter management system for an internet of things. The management system consists of multiple claims for multiple mobile phone APPs and a back office management end. The back office management end and multiple internet of things smart meters form an internet wireless connection, and at the same time An Internet of things smart meter corresponds to a mobile phone APP.
After adopting the above structural system, the present invention has the following advantages: 1. The present invention can observe the water usage of all water consumptions of the household in real time through the setting of the water quantity monitoring system and the automatic measurement system, and automatically calculate the water consumption of each water use end within a certain period of time. Finally, it proposes to the water user how to use water more freely; 2. The present invention can automatically remind the user to pay the water fee by setting an automatic reminder module and a valve control module that can control the opening and closing of the electronic one-way valve and automatically control the user's water consumption. The switching of the valve greatly improves the management efficiency and reduces the management cost.
For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.
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