Luding Copper Mine Tailings Hydraulic Filling System

Copper Tailings Muding water filling system shown in Figure 1. The tailings of the Luding copper mine are graded by a ф125mm and ф300mm cyclone, and the content of the -0.037mm particles in the grit is 25%. In the sand bin, the slurry is made by water gun. The concentration of pulp is 50-60%. After entering the mixing drum, it is transported to the well by double-line. The ground of the pipeline is ф163×7mm, and the wind well is ф159×12mm.

Fig.1 Schematic diagram of the hydraulic filling facility of the tailings of the copper mine
1-inlet pipe; 2-cyclone ( Ñ„ 125mm2 group); 3-sand pool
(Secondary slurry with 25mm water gun, concentration 50~60%);
4-gate baffle; 5-stirring tank; 6-tail sand ditch; 7-sand pool;
8-6PHA sand pumping station; 9-outlet wind well

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