Lubricating oil is an indispensable auxiliary material for screw compressor operation.

The screw compressor is a high-speed rotating mechanical device. Metal will inevitably generate friction during high-speed rotation. If there is no oil separation in the friction part, the direct contact of the iron will cause them to wear each other. In severe cases, the equipment will be scrapped. run. In addition, the lubricating oil also plays a role in sealing, cooling, noise reduction, etc. Therefore, lubricating oil is an indispensable auxiliary material for the operation of the screw compressor.
For the piston compressors used in the past, the lubricant is a daily consumable, which consumes a few kilograms per day (depending on the size of the model). For the screw machine, since the sealing is better, it is recycled in the machine, and if there is no leakage, the loss is small, and therefore, the replacement cycle is also long. In this way, although the price is very high, the cost of use is not very high compared with the piston.
Compressor oil is a common product in the machinery industry. The processing technology is not too complicated, and the raw materials are easily available. Therefore, there are many manufacturers, and the quality problems brought about by them are naturally inevitable. Coupled with the large number of compressors in the market, the source of compressor oil is even more difficult to grasp.
Generally, the compressor equipment should indicate that the compressor oil should use the compressor oil provided by the original manufacturer. If any compressor oil is not used, all the adverse consequences will be at your own risk. During the overhaul process, we found that the main cause of an accident in the main engine was the use of inferior compressor oil. Originally, during the maintenance period, the user replaced the after-sales service object and secretly contacted the after-sales service team outside the manufacturer. After the oil change was less than half a year, the host was scrapped, causing the company to stop production for more than 20 days and the loss was great.
The main lubricating oil point of the screw compressor is the main machine. The main machine is generally divided into single screw type and double screw type. From the perspective of stability and technical content, the single screw machine is higher; but the requirements from the screw part of the main machine are required. In view, the requirement for a single screw is higher than that of a twin screw. Since the market has little knowledge of this technology, most of them are currently twin-screw products. Whether it is a single screw or a twin screw, the cost of processing a screw is very high. Therefore, the screw compressor belongs to a fine grain product. Why do you say that? The piston compressor generally uses the 19th compressor oil, and the screw machine is generally between the 50th to 80th compressor oils, which is higher than the transformer oil 32, and the price is naturally high.
Lubricating oil is an indispensable auxiliary material for the operation of screw compressors, so the detection of lubricating oil for screw compressors is also very important. By formulating a reasonable oil change cycle through lubricant testing, it can improve the effective use of lubricants and reduce the cost of equipment maintenance.

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