Long Qi's “Accident Risk for Bake Cars” and “Letter of Commitment for Special Oil Quality in Cold Regions” was officially released

Every year from winter to winter, accidents due to "roasting cars" occur frequently. In order to help drivers reduce the loss caused by the roasting car and stay away from the hazards of the roasting car, Long Yao Petrochemical Company recently established the “Roasting Car Accident Relief Fund” and also released the “ Special Oil Quality Commitment for Cold Regions ” to double safeguard the escort driver. Friends winter travel problem.

The company's special “Roasting Car Accident Relief Fund” was established to help drivers in the North to quickly resume operations and make up for losses in the event of a car accident. All drivers who are injured by engine oils and other damage caused by baking the engine oil pan can call 4006761858 to apply for assistance. The company will determine the actual damage level of the vehicle according to the actual situation, and give 500-5000 yuan ranging from the amount of the bailout, which is equivalent to buying a “roasting accident insurance” for the driver friends in the north.

At the same time, Long Yu suggested that the majority of driver friends can solve the problem of cold start of the engine through the special oil in the Longyu cold area. Now the company has issued the "Special Oil Quality Commitment for the Cold Area" and solemnly promised that if you use the special oil product for the cold area, it will not provide any improvement to the engine cold start and it will cause damage to the engine. Longxi Petrochemical will take full responsibility.

Longxi Petrochemical keeps in mind the development philosophy of “Constant quality and further service”. We are committed to bringing quality products to our customers, and we are always focusing on the actual needs of our customers. The launch of the two plans this season is expected to be a few. Hundreds of thousands of northern drivers brought the gospel.

The China Truck Network Special Union Longquan Lubricants initiated a free trial of online solicitation activities to learn more about the free trial activities of special oils for the Longyu cold area.

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