Linear vibration screening example (2)

The screen inclination angle of other ZS type vibrating screens can be adjusted within the range of -2°~+10° to suit different needs; the size in the basic bolt layout is the horizontal installation size, when other angles are selected, The user himself adds a pad under the spring seat and adjusts the bolt position accordingly. All base bolts M20 are provided by the user. When ordering, the user should indicate the name, model, specification, mesh size of the vibrating screen, and the motor is left or right (the right type in the figure). In addition, South Mine also produces two sizes of ZS vibrating screens.
Model meaning example 2ZS1756A: 2 - double layer (single layer not marked), Z - seat type, S - double shaft, 17 - screen width (dm), 56 - screen length (dm), A - Forced synchronization.
7. SSZ type hanging linear vibrating screen The vibrating screen is produced by Huai Mine and has wide application. It can be used for dehydration, deliming, de-intermediation and classification, and can also be used for dry classification.
The vibrating screen has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, less wearing parts, small floor space, convenient installation and maintenance, high production efficiency and good dewatering effect, so it is widely used.
The technical performance of the SSZ type hanging linear vibrating screen is shown in Table 11, and the outline and installation dimensions are shown in Fig. 13.
8.DSM ceiling for coal type biaxial shaker shaker total of the series in four sizes, it is large capacity, high efficiency, not only for filtering, but can be used in mineral processing, power, sugar, salt, etc. In the industrial sector, dry and wet grading, dehydration, de-intermediation and de-sludge are applied to medium and fine-grained materials.
The sieve is divided into a single layer and a double layer, which are all single motor gears, the screen structure has a slot screen and a punching screen, and a woven screen or a rubber sieve plate can also be used; the base bolt of the hanging device is M24 The motor base bolt is M16, which is provided by the user.
Model meaning example 2DSM1555: 2 - double layer (single layer not note), D - hanging type, S - double shaft, M - coal, 15 - screen width (dm), 55 - screen surface Length (dm).
The sieve is mainly produced by Anshan Mine, Shan Mine, Saddle Heavy and South Mine. Its technical performance and parameters are listed in Table 12, and the external dimensions are shown in Figure 14.
Table 12     Figure 14
9. ZD linear equal-thickness screen This vibrating screen is a new type of advanced screening equipment . It uses several stages of sieve plates with different inclination angles to form the entire screen surface. The longitudinal section of the screen surface is in the form of a broken line, thus ensuring the end of the line. The thickness of the material on the sieve surface is almost the same, which promotes the screening efficiency to be significantly improved. The classification effect of the medium and fine-grain coal is better. Compared with the general vibrating screen of the same specification, the treatment capacity can be increased by 1~2 times. . At present, the sieve has 7 specifications, which can be used for dry and wet classification of ore, coal, coke , gravel or other medium and fine grain materials.
The sieve has only a single layer of sieve surface, and adopts a steel wire mesh or a punched screen surface. When the selection is changed, the installation inclination angle can be changed.
Model meaning example ZD1273: Z - straight line, D - equal thickness, 12 - screen width (dm), 73 - screen length (dm).
The ZD linear equal thickness sieve is produced by Nanfang, Saddle and Anshan. The technical performance and parameters are listed in Table 13. The external dimensions of ZD1894 are shown in Figure 15. [next]
Figure 15
10. SZR type hot ore vibrating screen The movement track is straight and has 8 specifications. The two basic type sieve machines adopt the upper transmission vibrator self-synchronous drag and the lower transmission single motor gear drag structure respectively, and both have secondary vibration isolation devices, and the dynamic load generated on the foundation is small. The screen is intended for the metallurgical sector in graded sinter the fine fraction of 600 ~ 850 ℃ temperature.
The screen has only a single layer of screen surface, and the screen structure adopts CrMnN cast steel rods. The screen surface has different mesh size. The motor can be installed on the left or right side. If there is no requirement, the installation is based on the installation drawing. User-supplied.
Model meaning example SZR2575: 52 - seat screen, R - hot ore, 25 - screen width (dm), 75 - screen length (dm).
The SZR type hot ore vibrating screen was first produced by Shangye Mine, and the current output is very small. Now it is mainly produced by the saddle mine and the saddle weight. The technical performance and parameters are listed in Table 14. At present, Saigon has produced a larger size SZR3184 hot ore vibrating screen.
11. LZS and SLZS type cold ore vibrating screens The movement trajectories are all straight lines, and the two basic types have 8 specifications. The LZS cold mine vibrating screen adopts a vibrator offset self-synchronous structure, and the SLZS cold mine vibrating screen adopts a lower transmission vibrator self-synchronous drag structure. These two kinds of sieve machines are all new equipments developed in the mid-1980s. They all have secondary vibration isolation frame and rubber composite spring damping system. The structure is advanced, compact, low in height, small in size, light in weight, low in noise, and sieve. High efficiency and high processing capacity. The sieve is supplied to the metallurgical department for classifying the cold sinter granulation process at a temperature below 150 °C.
The two kinds of vibrating screens only have a single-layer sieve surface. The screen structure has a cast steel screen surface and a rubber screen surface. The screen surface has different sieve hole sizes, and can be separately screened in two, three and four times. Ready.
Model meaning example L (SL) ZS2585 (2.5 × 7.5): L - cold ore (sintered cold ore), 25 - vibrating screen, 25 - screen width (dm), 85 - screen length (dm) The numbers in parentheses have the same meaning, but in m.
These two vibrating screens are exclusively produced by the saddle mine, and their technical specifications and parameters are listed in Table 15. At present, Saddle Heavy produces SLS type cold ore vibrating screen with 12 specifications, and its technical parameters are listed in Table 16. [next]
Table 15
12. The ZKR linear vibrating screen produced by ZKR linear vibrating screen south mine has been introduced in the YKR circular vibrating screen of the previous section. The technical parameters are listed in Table 17, and the outline and installation dimensions are shown in Figure 16 respectively. 17, and Tables 18 and 19.
     Table 18     Table 19
    Figure 16     Figure 17
13. ZX type banana-shaped multi-segment screen linear vibrating screen The saddle-reproduced banana-shaped linear vibrating screen is a linear vibrating screen with a box vibrator and a plurality of different inclined screen surfaces. The shape of the screen box is similar to that of a banana. It is mainly used for the particle size classification of medium and fine-grained materials with high fine content, and can also be used for dehydration, de-intermediation and de-sludge operations (fine particles refer to particles with a particle size smaller than half the mesh size).
The banana-shaped linear vibrating screen is designed by injecting a banana-shaped multi-section screen on a linear vibrating screen. There is a large slope screen at the feeding end, and then descends step by step at a certain angle until the discharge port, the slope of the feeding end can make more material pass through the sieve surface and have a higher sieve. Split speed and thinner material layering. Because the bulk material passes through the steep slope faster, this earlier stratification allows the fine particles to move closer to the screen surface and pass through the gap relatively unhindered, so the banana-shaped linear vibrating screen has a higher screening The efficiency and the characteristics of 1.5~2 times higher than the traditional grading sieve are advanced screening machines. The technical parameters are listed in Table 20.
14. Other linear vibrating screen
(1) DZK type large wide screen linear vibrating screen. The vibrating screen is a new equipment developed and produced in recent years by the saddle weight introduction technology (Table 21). The sieve surface of the sieve machine has a single layer and a double layer. The sieve machine provides: 1 stainless steel strip seam; 2 polyurethane strip seam; 3 steel wire braid; 4 polyurethane square hole; 5 steel plate punching and other forms of sieve plate (the weight of the sieve machine is pressed Polyurethane sieve plate calculation).
This large linear vibrating screen is mainly used in occasions with large production capacity. It is mainly suitable for dehydration, de-intermediation and de-sludge operations of medium and fine-grained materials. It is also suitable for dry and wet grading of medium and fine-grained materials. The screening efficiency is high, the floor space is saved, the use is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient. The vibrator adopts block eccentricity, box structure, single motor forced synchronization, and compact structure.
(2) ZS type linear vibrating screen. The ZS series vibrating screens produced by Shangjian are linear motions. They are specially designed for quarrying stone materials in quarries. They can also be used for product classification in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industries. ZS series is a new type of machine in China. It adopts box type vibration exciter, block eccentricity and tire coupling. It has advanced structure, strong excitation force, small vibration and noise, easy maintenance, and durability. The technical parameters are listed in Table 22. [next]
(3) ZKS horizontal double-axis linear vibrating screen. The vibrating screen produced by Tangshan Branch is based on the strength measurement and modal analysis data. It combines the advantages of Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries. It has advanced structure, sturdy and durable, stable operation, high efficiency and large production capacity. Features such as easy maintenance.
The ZKS series linear vibrating screen adopts two exciters horizontally arranged, which reduces the height of the screen machine and reduces the weight of the vibrating body. The external synchronous gear box, the double motor drag, and the transmission shafts are connected by a flexible coupling. The structure is novel, the gear box and the motor are not vibrated, and the sieve plate is welded with a slotted sieve or a punched sieve plate, which is longitudinally pressed, and the screen frame is specially reinforced, and the rigidity of the whole machine is improved. ZKS series vibrating screens are used in industrial sectors such as coal preparation, beneficiation, power generation, sugar production, salt production, etc., for dry and wet classification or dehydration, de-intermediation and desliming of medium and fine-grained materials. The technical parameters are listed in Table 23.
(4) ZK type linear vibrating screen. ZK linear vibrating screen is developed by Tangshan Branch on the basis of the USK and USL vibrating screens imported from Germany KHD. It has been successfully developed through years of research, design, production and use of sieve machines. The technical parameters are listed in Table 24 .
The side plate of the sieve machine is bent by a whole piece of steel plate, and each part is connected by high-strength bolts and high-strength nylon nuts, so that the sieve machine is composed of an assembled structure, the exciter is an external block eccentric structure, and the weight adjustment plate is added, and the amplitude can be Adjusted within a certain range, the dual motor self-synchronization is connected with the two exciters through a flexible coupling to form a vibration source, and the support is a series of rubber springs and a composite spring. The sieve machine has a series of advantages such as excellent strength and rigidity performance, long service life, stable and reliable operation, low noise, convenient maintenance and repair.
(5) ZSZ type linear vibrating screen. The ZSZ linear vibrating screen produced by Tangshan Branch uses a group of mechanical vibrators as the vibration source. The double motor is dragged, and the block eccentric shaft is connected with the motor to form a flexible coupling. The structure is simple and the motor does not participate. The sieve surface is welded with a sieve or a square sieve. After being technically modified, the screen machine has the characteristics of strong and durable structure, improved rigidity of the whole machine, stable movement and convenient maintenance. The technical parameters are listed in Table 25.
(6) GPS type high frequency linear vibrating screen. The high-frequency linear vibrating screen produced by Saddle Heavy is suitable for the dewatering operation of slime or tailings, and is widely used in coal preparation, mineral processing and other industries. The technical parameters are shown in Table 26. [next]
The vibrating screen adopts a double-motor self-synchronizing vibrator with advanced structure, high vibration frequency, large processing capacity, good dehydration effect, convenient maintenance, and durability.
Selection instructions: 1 mesh structure is a slotted screen, made of stainless steel or polyurethane. Please specify the screen material and mesh size when selecting. If there is no special requirement, it will be supplied by stainless steel slot screen. 2The motor of the sieve machine is divided into two types of installation. If the user does not mention the requirements, it is supplied as shown.
(7) Linear vibrating screen and equal-thickness screen produced by Side Company. Shanxi Saide Screening Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Saide) is a science and technology enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. It mainly studies material screening technology and material screening equipment. The main products are linear vibrating screen and equal thickness screen. The screening equipment has the following characteristics: all the connecting parts of the screen frame are made of torsion-shear type high-strength bolts, no weld seams and stress concentration, and the connection is reliable. Whether self-synchronous or non-synchronous, the noise is less than 85dB. In addition to the large clearance of the bearing, the special cooperation between the bearing and the bearing seat and the shaft is used to double the bearing life, greatly reducing the maintenance work of the vibrator and improving the working environment. Large-scale products with sufficient strength, rigidity and length of the feed box to prevent large material impact or improper design of the feed chute, causing large pieces of material to fall directly into the screen surface, causing premature damage to the screen surface. The screen surface has strong versatility, and the stainless steel screen surface, the polyurethane screen surface or the punching screen surface can be configured according to different user requirements, so that the maintenance work of the screen surface is minimized. The screen surface fixing method is generally fixed in the longitudinal direction for easy installation and maintenance. The main welded structural parts are all treated with stress relief. The surface of all components is sprayed. Modular component design, high degree of generalization. The large-scale products use steel spiral springs to reduce vibration and minimize the dynamic load of the screen on the foundation. The modal analysis technology is adopted to ensure that each sieve machine has good dynamic performance and a sieve frame life of more than 5 years. Product structure, parameters, reliability and process indicators have advanced domestic level. The variety specifications are complete, which can meet the production needs of different coal preparation plants.
ZKP series large linear vibrating screen (Table 27) is the company's experience in researching, designing, producing and using sieve machines for many years. In order to change the poor reliability of large vibrating screens in China, through a large number of analysis and research, fully demonstrate that in the prototype Based on the design. The sieve machine adopts box vibrator, and the gear adopts high-precision helical gear transmission, the load is stable, the noise is low, and the life of the screen frame is more than 10 years. It is suitable for coal dewatering, de-intermediation and de-sludge operations in large coal preparation plants. The series' largest specification 2ZKP3660 is a prototype of the “National Ninth Five-Year” scientific and technological research project “Reliability Research on Large Linear Vibrating Screens”. The sieve has been successfully applied to the raw coal grading dewatering operation of the Tianzhuang Coal Preparation Plant.
ZKZ series linear vibrating screen (Table 28) is suitable for coal dewatering, de-intermediation and desliming operations in various coal preparation plants. Adopting self-synchronization technology, the vibrator is installed in the screen frame, with good stress condition, low noise, full variety specifications, and the whole machine performance has reached the world advanced level. The series' largest specification 2ZKZ3660 has been successfully applied to the Dongtan Coal Preparation Plant for the grading dewatering operation of the jig. [next]
The design of JR type equal-thickness screen is to improve and perfect the design technology of domestic and other thick screens, enhance the technical content and market competitiveness of domestic and other thick screens, replace imported products, and design their own characteristics, independent intellectual property rights, and reach international level. The equal-thickness screen series products participate in the international market competition.
JR type equal-thickness screen (Table 29) is a new type of equipment that achieves equal-thickness screening in a single machine. It is suitable for dry or wet screening of coal or similar specific gravity, as well as coal dehydration, de-intermediation and de-sludge operations. The product has a different angle of inclined screen surface, which can reduce the layer height by increasing the material flow rate in the feeding section, accelerate the settlement of small particles, and make full use of the screening ability of the sieve surface, because the ratio of material volume to flow rate on each screen surface is stable. The material layer height is in a balanced or increasing state.

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