LED product inventory will not remain a problem at the end of the year

As the year is approaching, companies are busy selling their products and expect to create a perfect finishing touch in the last month of 2013. However, this is also a time for the lighting companies to start a headache: when it comes to considering the inventory problem of their own products, is the inventory to be retained, how much, and what products are left?
For LED lighting companies, most of them will decide whether to leave inventory based on actual sales forecast and market trends. In terms of inventory, they are generally stereotyped products, which can be divided into two types, one is the stock of raw materials used for production, and the other is the stock of finished products for circulation. These two types of stocks are important to the company from different perspectives. Raw material stocks can be supplemented by materials that are continuously consumed by the company. In general, the stock of raw materials is more than the stock of finished products. Finished goods inventory can be timely supplemented with a large number of short-term orders, leaving room for the production of surplus products. Although the amount of finished goods inventory is generally small, it is essential for the company to be able to produce and sell normally.
Jiuzheng Building Materials Network According to the recovery phenomenon of the lighting market at the beginning of this year, enterprises with last year's inventory can deliver goods in time, which can be said to have a large gain. However, enterprises that do not have stocks cannot deliver goods in time even if they receive orders, and they cannot benefit from this small climax. However, according to the overall situation this year, this year's lighting market is relatively quiet except for the beginning of the year, and there is not much sign of recovery in the market until the end of the year. Therefore, this year's lighting companies have analyzed the actual sales and market conditions and faced the problem of whether to keep inventory: if left in stock, there will be no signs of recovery at the beginning of next year, which will lead to inventory backlog Next year's production plan will have an impact and will occupy the company's liquidity; if it does not leave inventory, the recovery will continue to appear in the early next year, and the company will not be able to benefit from the failure to ship orders.
In fact, for enterprises, in addition to analyzing actual sales and market conditions, they must analyze their actual situation. If the company's liquidity is sufficient and the production plan is flexible, then keeping in stock is a good choice. Even if there is no warming in the coming year, it will not have much impact on the company. As long as the sales work is stepped up, the inventory is easy to empty. On the contrary, the analysis of the sales volume and market conditions, companies with their own liquidity is not sufficient, we must carefully consider the issue of leaving inventory. In order to ensure the normal operation of the company and obtain sufficient benefits, the company must carefully consider the issue of leaving inventory.

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