Keithley Releases New Low Current Measurement Digital Source Meter Products

Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE: KEI), a leader in emerging measurement demand solutions, announced on September 17, 2007 two new products, the 2,600 SourceMeter® SourceMeter, 2635 and 2636, which have since become the industry's technology. The most advanced and cost-effective semiconductor parameter analysis and test solution. The 2635 and 2636 use the latest special parametric analysis technology to achieve measurement resolutions up to lfa (10-15 amps) to meet the testing needs of many semiconductor, optoelectronic and nanodevices. In addition, its instrument-based multi-channel architecture reduces cost by 50% compared to common host-based source measurement solutions. With its Test Script Processor (TSPTM) and TSP-LinkTM interconnect communication bus, test engineers can quickly build on 2636 and 2635 for technical research, characterization, wafer sorting, reliability testing, and cattle production monitoring. High-speed test system for testing applications.
The 2635 and 2636 enable efficient cost-effective DC and pulse testing from the range of Fein and microvolts to the 200V/1.5A range. They can work with a PC or work independently, testing up to four times faster than a typical host-based source measurement solution. In addition, each instrument has a PC-like microprocessor that supports the programming and independent execution of a variety of simple or complex test programs (scripts), including signal source, measurement, test sequence flow control, and conditional program branching. Judgment operation, etc. The 2635 and 2636 are easily integrated with other instruments to form an automated test system, making them attractive to component manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers engaged in wafer-level testing and packaged device testing. At the same time, the low-cost advantages of researchers and scholars in various fields who need to quickly and easily perform device and material IV characterization are attractive.

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