Jinhua Auto's business card youth car unveiled Jinhua New Energy Auto Show

On March 17, 2017, China Jinhua New Energy Automobile Exhibition, China New Energy Automobile Town and New Energy Automobile Summit Forum opened in Jinhua. The Youth Automotive Group brought new energy cars, new energy logistics vehicles, and new energy buses to the auto show scene, which has aroused wide acclaim from leaders at all levels and industry experts. Various media have given the Youth Automotive Group's development of new energy vehicles and future directions. Full coverage.

In recent years, based on the booming development of the traditional automobile and motorcycle fitting industry, Jinhua has firmly seized the strategic opportunity of the state to encourage the development of new energy automobile industry and actively fostered the development of new energy vehicles and parts and components industries to form a youth, Companies such as Zotye and Condity are represented by the complete new energy vehicle manufacturing and key industrial and electrical components such as electric motors, electronic control and charging equipment. They have a complete range of products, complete infrastructure and good industrial foundation. The youth-only pure electric buses have been widely praised by the public following the opening of the Jinhua Metropolitan Area Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, and Line 4, which have also changed the way people travel.
The strong east wind of young cars successfully operated by Jinhua pure electric BRT has successively hit Wenzhou, Yiwu, Pujiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu Lianyungang, Xi’an, Shaanxi, Luliang, Shanxi, Ganzhou, Guilin, Guangxi, Ji’an, Jiangxi and other large and medium-sized domestic cities. Bulk purchase of youth pure electric buses. The "youth model" is gradually being formed.
Young cars not only win opportunities in the pure electric field, but also always stand at the forefront of the market, targeting the development direction of the new energy vehicle market. Fuel cell vehicles are cutting-edge technologies that represent the future development trend of new energy sources. Compared with the current promotion and application of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, they have obvious advantages. It not only can achieve zero pollution emission, but also has the characteristics of low noise, stable operation, short hydrogenation time, long driving mileage, and high energy utilization rate. It is the ultimate form of new energy vehicle development.
In 2015, Young Vehicles acquired 100% of Nantong Baiying’s equity and 100% of Nantong Baiying acquired Baiying Energy International Co., Ltd. (US headquarters). Baiying’s core technology comes from the Florida State University’s School of Engineering. It uses the company’s carbon nanotube electrode production technology to develop and produce membrane electrodes for hydrogen fuel cell core components. It also develops hydrogen fuel cell stacks and hydrogen on its own initiative. Fuel power system. After years of development, the company has mastered a full set of core technologies from membrane electrode production, stack assembly, system integration to complete vehicle matching through independent research and development, technical cooperation, etc., becoming one of the few mature hydrogen fuel cell technologies in China. One of the vehicle companies. At present, Youth Automotive has completed the development of hydrogen fuel passenger cars, hydrogen fuel logistics vehicles, and hydrogen fuel car products. The first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have recently been delivered to customers.
The most distinctive feature of this auto show is that a group of more attractive “car models” are Jinhua’s local treasures. The actors of the intangible cultural heritage of local dramas and young people are organically combined as Jinhua’s business cards and Jinhua’s operas and become sports centers. Eye-catching scenery, their first partner was deeply loved by the public.

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