Intelligently Promotes the Improvement of the Competitive Capability of the Filling and Capping Machine Industry

In the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the state clearly stated that it is necessary to focus on the development of the smart manufacturing industry. Highly automated and intelligent machine manufacturing will inevitably become the direction of the future development of filling and capping machines.

As we all know, the improvement of the level of intelligence can further increase production efficiency and product quality. Energy saving, low consumption, environmental protection, and saving production resources will further enhance the market competitiveness of equipment. Therefore, although the total number of intelligent filling and capping machines is still small, it represents a new direction for the future development of enterprises. It will play an increasingly important role in the transformation of the development model and the adjustment of the industrial structure, and it will be more effective in driving the overall industry. The level of improvement.

In recent years, foreign filling and capping machines have been led by electronics and information technology. They have conducted a large number of researches in computer fault diagnosis and monitoring, precise positioning and operation control, and ergonomics. The matching software and hardware control system of the capping machine has greatly advanced the information of the filling and capping machine to the information and intelligent direction, improved the high-tech content of the capping machine, and promoted the technical development of the capping machine industry.

The current problems in the filling and capping machine are mainly manifested as polarization. Either filling and capping machine production is improved according to the existing equipment, or the equipment is reconstructed at the site of the company. In fact, the overall design of the capping machine must be completed. At the time, the machine should be researched and clarified, because some minor product quality problems can be completely improved through proper packaging to achieve the purpose of controlling the production cost of the product.

The use of filling and capping machines is largely a measure of the speed and intensity of an enterprise's development. The future filling and capping machines will inevitably become more intelligent and contribute to the packaging industry.

Match Automatic Annealing Robot, automatic cooling hardware products after annealing.

Applicable to stainless steel products including pan, bowl, dish, cover, basin, cup and more.

Available material shapes: square, rectangle, round

It connected with annealing machine and Annealing Robot, fully automatic pass the ware onto the conveyor and water cooling container, quickly cool down.

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Cooling and Conveyor System

Hardware Production Line,Automatic Annealing Line,Automatic Cooling Line

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