Intelligent LED lighting capacity release accelerates to enter the market

Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computer, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control technology to form a distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote control system to achieve lighting equipment Intelligent control. It has the functions of intensity adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene setting, etc., and achieves safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency.
Intelligent lighting has transformed the lighting industry from a capital equipment model to a service model, adding value to the product. In the face of the future, the best advice is to see how lighting can be reshaped into an indispensable part of the Internet, integrating health care, energy, services, video, communications and more. The development of Internet of Things, intelligent buildings, etc. will also give LED smart lighting more room for innovation and innovation.
Smart life trend to enhance LED smart lighting market space LED lighting has experienced a brief peak period and gradually returned to the stage of low-level state, but with the continuous innovation of LED lighting technology, the cost of LED lighting products is increasingly compressed. At the same time, the intelligent lighting developed on the basis of LED brings the most direct experience to human beings is the beauty of enjoyment and the sense of beauty. LED intelligent lighting products have been successfully used in commercial lighting, home lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting, etc., such as food lights that can change color in supermarkets; street lights and tunnel lights that can be automatically adjusted on highways and tunnels; large projects Intelligently controlled multi-color landscape lights in the project, etc.
Compared with traditional lighting, intelligent lighting can achieve safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency. Therefore, intelligent lighting has good development prospects in the home field, office field, business field and public facilities. At present, China's smart lighting market is not mature. The application fields of intelligent lighting are mainly concentrated in the business field and public facilities. The adoption of smart lighting in hotels, exhibition halls, municipal engineering, and road traffic is more used. In addition, office Intelligent lighting is also used in the construction and high-end villa projects. With the development of domestic intelligent lighting R&D and production technology and the promotion of product promotion, intelligent lighting applications in the home field are expected to become popular.
Some insiders pointed out that in the past two years, the price of LED home intelligent lighting series products has dropped by 15-20, which is acceptable to ordinary consumers in the terminal. The LED home intelligent lighting production capacity has been further released, and the market prospects are expected.

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