Industrial robot industry has unlimited prospects

Recently, the State Council-led high-level forum on China’s development was held in 2017. Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, confirmed the achievements of China’s manufacturing industry in innovation and called for companies and universities to jointly develop an industrial robot innovation center.
With the rapid development of China's economy, the human cost resources have also increased. The data shows that the average wage of urban workers in cities and towns in China has soared four to five times compared with ten years ago. Such high labor costs have caused many companies to begin the transition to smart manufacturing. Development directly promotes the progress of the industrial robot industry. In the future, the completion of assembly line operations by industrial robots instead of ordinary workers has become a general trend, and this is also one of China’s major strategies for the future development of manufacturing.
At present, the world has entered the era of industrial 4.0 smart factory. The industrial robot industry has developed at an extremely fast pace and it is expected that the global industrial robot sales volume will still show a substantial increase in 2017. As a big manufacturing country in China, the impact of labor costs is particularly significant, which has also led to the rapid development of China's industrial robot industry. After all, under the background of industrial transformation and upgrading, robot replacement is already a future trend.
Especially in recent years, China’s policies have vigorously promoted the development of the industrial robot industry and issued guidance on related industrial planning, further confirming that China’s future will use robots as an important means of smart manufacturing. In the 2017 SEF government report, it was mentioned that it is necessary to speed up the cultivation and growth of emerging industries. Artificial intelligence is first written into the government report. This shows that smart manufacturing has risen to the national strategic level, and robots are the artificial intelligence + intelligent manufacturing Embodied, directly to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire manufacturing industry and even more areas.
It can be seen that the future of the industrial robot industry has unlimited prospects. The support of the country, a huge domestic market, and a considerable amount of talent reserves are all advantages for the development of the industrial robot industry. With the entry of more capital, the entire industry will usher in an explosion period.
It is worth mentioning that at present, the utilization rate of industrial robots in China is still low, and the entire industry has ample room for development. It needs more capital intervention to promote its progress.
August-December 2016 China Industrial Robot Production Statistics
According to the “Analysis of Production and Sales Demand Forecasting and Transformation and Upgrade in China's Industrial Robot Industry”, the annual total production of industrial robots in 2016 reached 72,426 sets, an increase of 34.4% year-on-year. It is estimated that the annual output of industrial robots in China will exceed 8 in 2017. The million mark, and by 2018, China's industrial robot market sales is expected to exceed 150,000 units will continue to be the strongest driving force for global market growth.
In the future, as the national policy continues to advance, leading companies that dare to eat the first batch of crabs will receive a considerable dividend.

Curved Belt

The curved belt can be installed on many conveyor systems making full use of existing space in order to work around issues caused by limited workshop space. Customers can choose from 90, 180 or 360 degree turn angles, and the system will smoothly maintain proper product stacks in order to minimize potential product damage.

The curved belt is a deformation on the basis of all types of not only wire mesh belts,but also including plate link belts.For now,wire mesh belt is mainly divided into major categories:Chain Driven Mesh Belt is widely used in spiral freezer machines;Spiral Mesh Belts are suitable for the conveying of small and high density materials;Eye Link Belt is suited to convey heavy loads and unstable or fragile products that require good support from the conveyor belt;Balanced Weave Belt is extensively applied for conveying parts of metallurgy, food processing, pharmacy, glass print, special equipments;Flat flex belt is mainly used in for quick-frozen food, fried food, sugar machine,chocolate coating with a variety of bread and pastry food baking conveyor line;Flat Wire Belt is usually used for the equipment of cooling, drying, bread production, washing, sorting and products processing, etc. In a word,according to the use environment and clients` special requirements,we can be able to give them different type of conveyor belt.

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