High-lift truck operation specification

High-lift truck operation specification

Chapter One General Provisions

The hydraulically-powered manned aerial vehicles are contemporary advanced species mechanical equipment. The construction workers use the aerial vehicles to lift off the work. As long as they are used correctly, safety is guaranteed. However, it is not a proper operation or security measures have not been implemented. It is also a very dangerous work-at-height operation. The following rules of conduct have been formulated.

Chapter two Carriageway

   1. Motorists must hold a bus driving license.

   2 , auxiliary transmission must be separated from the hydraulic pump.

   3. Pay attention to the height of bridges and tunnels.

4 , the speed is generally not more than 30 km / h, the suburb does not exceed 40 km / h.

5 , the operation bucket (platform) declined to stay in the staff.

third chapter Jobs

   1. The choice of parking position should be a solid ground, the inclination of the vehicle should not exceed 3° , and the warning light should be turned on.

   2 , working height and wind power

Wind 6 or below suitable height 10 meters below the operation;

Wind power level 5 can work below 11~20 meters ;

Wind 4 and below suitable height 21 to 30 meters below the operation.

   3 , start the oil pump, step on the clutch of the car, pull on the handbrake, the transmission is engaged in the neutral gear, and pull the hydraulic oil pump clutch lever to make the hydraulic oil pump work.

   4. After the hydraulic oil pump runs for 2~5 minutes, it can operate the handles of each movement.

   5 , the operation of aerial vehicles, should be trained and hold personnel responsible for operational licenses.

   6. The operators must concentrate on the prevention of misoperation and strict operation of alcohol prohibition.

   7 , first put down the legs, if necessary, put the pad under the leg of the leg to ensure that the vehicle is in a horizontal state.

   8. When operating the handle, it should be steady, and do not swift and swift in order to avoid the inertial swing of the working arm and the accident.

9. Operate in strict accordance with the technical parameters and operating ranges specified by the equipment.

10 , the work bucket (platform) on the staff to fasten the seat belts.

11. When lifting the work bucket (platform), the upper and lower arms should be alternately operated to ensure that the bucket (platform) is in the best radius of increase. It is forbidden to use the arm for other purposes.

   12. When operating, the operator should pay attention to the platform (platform ) Safe distances between arms and high and low voltage wires, telephone lines and buildings, big trees, billboards, lighting, etc.

13. The on-duty driver is responsible for the ground and pay attention to the safety protection of the traffic.

   14. In addition to setting up safety signs and guardrails for working vehicles with a working height of 25 meters or more, ground guardians must also set up 1-2 people to strengthen guardianship in addition to the driver .

   15. In the course of work, if abnormal pressure or sudden oil leakage is found in the hydraulic system, work should be stopped immediately. Only after inspection or repair can the work be continued.

   16. When the hydraulic system fails and the working arm is unable to move, it should try to make the workers on the operation bucket (platform) evacuation safely and notify the professional maintenance personnel to handle it.

   17. After the operation is completed, the operation bucket (platform), the arm is reset, the legs are removed, and the hydraulic pump is disengaged, and the hand brake is released to start the driving.

Chapter Four its

   1 、Working buckets (platforms) for high-altitude operations shall have reflective safety signs on the arms and legs.

   2, aerial vehicles should be equipped with a triangular (tires) two skids and skid legs 4, the device should board level flag.

   3. The most common aerial platforms currently on the market include: Dongfeng Aerial Work Trucks, Liberation Aerial Vehicles, Ao Ling Aerial Work Vehicles, Qingling Aerial Work Trucks, Jiangling Aerial Work Trucks, and JAC Aerial Work Trucks.

The use of aerial vehicles:

Mainly used in electricity, communications, street lamps, traffic police, highways, cable television, ship repair, construction, gardens, advertising, photography, large enterprises and other industries.

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