Hami Wind Power Base Phase II project passed the review

On November 11, the Planning Department of Xinjiang Electric Power Company organized and organized the evaluation plan for the “Second Phase Project of Xinjiang Hami Wind Power Base Project Delivery” at Suiyuan Hotel in Urumqi. More than 20 companies, such as wind power and photovoltaic power stations, participated in the review. The “Second Phase Project Plan for Xinjiang Hami Wind Power Base Project” completed by Xinjiang Electric Power Design Institute passed the review and will be reported to the State Grid Corporation of China for the final review in the near future.
The successful review of the development planning department of the Xinjiang Power Company marked the basic completion of the “first step” strategy. The "second step" strategy will complete the design work for each wind farm and photovoltaic power plant access system. "The third step" will cooperate with each power company, strictly in accordance with the requirements of each node of the autonomous regional development and reform commission, before the end of May 2015, the overall power generation.
According to the requirements of the National Energy Administration's reply on the construction plan for the second phase of the Hami Wind Power Base and the requirements of the National Energy Administration's notice on the construction of the second phase of the Hami Wind Power Base, the Hami Wind Power Base is a key wind power base project in China. One of them is also China's first UHVDC power transmission channel using cross-region, adopting wind and light bundle method to promote demonstration projects of wind power and photovoltaic development, exploring and utilizing power transmission channels to expand wind power, photovoltaic absorption range, and promotion of Xinjiang, etc. The effective use of wind energy and solar energy resources is of great significance.
The second phase of the Hami Wind Power Base will participate in the transmission of ±800 kV HVDC from Hami to Zhengzhou, totaling 9.25 million kilowatts, including 8 million kilowatts of wind power, and 1.25 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power stations, of which 4 million kilowatts are distributed in the Santang Lake in the northern part of the Tianshan Mountains. In the wind zone and the wind area of ​​the Manghu Lake, another 4 million kilowatts of wind power is located in the southeast wind zone of the southern part of Tianshan Mountain. The 1.25 million kilowatt photovoltaic power station is matched with 4 million kilowatts of wind power in the southeast.

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