·Guangzhou plans to ban the "Yellow Label Car"

In order to limit the traffic of highly polluting vehicles, Guangzhou has implemented the Notice on Gradually Limiting the Passage of High Emission (High Pollution) Vehicles in 2014 (hereinafter referred to as the “original notice”), which has been more than three years. The reporter noticed that the Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau began to solicit opinions on the Notice on Restricting the Traffic of Highly Polluting Vehicles in the City (hereinafter referred to as the “New Notice”) from the 23rd. It is proposed to ban the vehicles that do not hold the green environmental protection mark for 24 hours. Guangzhou is popular.
In contrast to the original notice, the new notice continues to expand the range of restrictions on high-pollution vehicles. The original notice stipulates that “the city-owned cars that do not hold the environmental protection signs are allowed to pass through the administrative area of ​​the city 24 hours a day”, and “the cars that do not hold the green environmental protection signs are prohibited from passing through the following areas 24 hours a day. (excluding the southeastern West Ring Expressway, the west section of Zengbu Road of Beihuan Expressway, the Guangqing Expressway, and the roads within the jurisdiction of Foshan City), the scope of the ban includes the East Ring Expressway in the east (Guangyuan Expressway To the west of the south section; to the north of the South Ring Expressway in the south; to the west of the West Ring Expressway, the North Ring Expressway (to the west of Zengcuo Road), to the east of the Guangqing Expressway (to the south of the Yaigang Avenue), and to the south of the south The third phase of the Expressway (the second phase of the Guangqing Expressway to the South China Expressway) and the second phase of the South China Expressway (the third phase of the South China Expressway to the Guangyu Road Section). The revised draft new circular has been said in a nutshell: "Automobiles that do not hold green signs are prohibited from passing through the administrative area of ​​the city 24 hours a day."
The revised new notice no longer distinguishes whether a highly polluting car is a city of Guangzhou, and also raises the requirements for vehicle emission standards. “Yellow-label car” (a gasoline car with a lower emission level than the national I emission standard when the new car is finalized) The collective name of the diesel engine of the National III emission standard is completely banned. For military vehicles, police vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, and engineering rescue vehicles that perform emergency missions, due to their special nature, they are still not subject to the above measures.

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