Goodyear presents a number of hot tire products at the 2018 tire channel conference

On March 6, 2018, the 2018 Liaoning Goodyear Card and Passenger Car Tire Channel Conference was held on the theme of “Togetherness, mutual benefit, and tomorrow”. The conference was hosted by Shenyang Goodday Trading Company, Goodyear “hardcore” cooperation dealer. It also invited a number of high-quality tire partners with experienced tire sales in the three provinces of eastern China to attend this conference. 2018 Liaoning Goodyear Truck Bus Tire Channel Conference Site Map
2018 Liaoning Goodyear Truck Bus Tire Channel Conference Site Map

At the meeting, Goodyear and all distributors reviewed and summarized the results of 2017, talked about future industry trends and consumer demand trends, discussed how to bring better products and services to consumers, and how to explore more effective channels. At the same time, sales targets are set for 2018.

The product is the foundation, and good cooperation is based on Goodyear's high-quality tire products. Therefore, the conference showcased a number of Goodyear hot tire products, such as the S210 KMAX medium and long-distance truck tires, and its high mileage. , Good abrasion resistance and good wet and dry handling features have been highly regarded by everyone since its launch; there is Goodyear's "wear-resistant" mid-to-long-distance passenger car all-wheel tire S200+, its wear resistance It is obvious to all parties that they are well-received by all parties; of course, the S500 and S700 all-wheel-drive tires in the heavy-duty area are also indispensable. After detailed introduction, the attendees have a deeper understanding of the Goodyear product information and are also exploring channels for further development. Laid a good foundation.

The meeting ended in a hot order and the order book amounted to RMB 4.3 million. This meeting also invisiblely increased the centripetal force and cohesiveness between Goodyear and the three distributors in the East and New Territories. Trends, new challenges, Goodyear will continue to fight side by side with the majority of distributors in 2018, face opportunities and challenges, and work together to win tomorrow!



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