Global manufacturing development is weak

Global manufacturing development is weak

With the deepening effects of the global economic crisis gradually expanding, global manufacturing growth in the third quarter of 2012 was only 2.2%, and the economy will continue to weaken in 2013.

The relevant UN report pointed out that the new round of economic recession in Europe and North America has dragged the global manufacturing recovery. In the third quarter of 2012, global manufacturing increased by 2.2% year-on-year, and its growth rate was the lowest since 2009. In particular, the continued economic recession in Europe and the slowdown in economic growth in developing countries, the economically developed countries as a whole have experienced the first decline in industrial output since 2009; Germany’s decline was 1.7%, Italy’s 6.2%, and France’s 1.9%, the United Kingdom was 0.9%, Japan's manufacturing output fell 4.6%.

While the manufacturing growth of all major economies in the world has slowed or declined, the development of related industries still maintains a relatively high growth rate. According to relevant data, the size of the international machine tool market has more than doubled in 20 years, reaching around US$86 billion in 2011. Since the turn of the century, the annual consumption of machine tools has increased by an average of nearly 10% (in U.S. dollars).

The growth of the machine tool industry is undoubtedly affected by factors such as the automation of the industrial manufacturing industry and high quality and high transformation factors. Especially in the Asian region, three-fifths of the international machine tool production in 2011 has flowed into the region. It can be said that the main driving force for growth comes from Asia.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


UTECH`s fiber laser machines are a must-have if you`re looking for quick and accurate cuts on sheets of metal. Metal fabrication shops and companies that manufacture customized metal parts can drastically improve their efficiency of production with our fiber laser cutting machines. Our machines are capable of cutting steel, brass, aluminum and stainless steel without fear of back reflections damaging the machine. By using these fiber laser machines, you`ll reduce your maintenance requirements and cut your operating costs considerably.

FIND THE RIGHT FIBER Laser Cutting Machine:

We offer laser power options at 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 2500W and 3000W. With a maximum cutting speed of 35 m/min, these fiber laser machines complete jobs quickly with high-level precision. UTECH also offers machines with an enclosed working area to eliminate light pollution.

Product Application:

The Fiber Lasers bring you a cost effective, low-maintenance, low operating cost, environmentally friendly solution to your organization. We deliver a machine that provides quality cutting and tolerances with small productivity loss between jobs, equating to higher returnon investments. Our fiber laser cutting machines are developed and sold based on these criteria.

• Manufactured by people who use their own machines.
• The resonator comes with a 100,000 hour warranty from the manufacturer (IPG/Raycus)
• Higher cutting speeds possible
• Dual interchangeable tables allow for faster loading and unloading, reducing downtime
• Laser wavelength is one-tenth of a fiber laser
• Reduction in cutting variables or tribal knowledge
• Fiber Laser is extremely efficient, equates to very low power consumption
• Low cost of operation, energy cost reduced, no laser gases requied to produce beam
• High cutting flexibility (Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, and more)

• Laser beam transmitted through a fiber optic.cable rather than with mirrors and channel tubing resulting in negligible power loss.





Max Cutting Range



According to


Machine Size(L*W*H)



Accessory Parts(L*W*H)

Chitler 1*1*1.2m Control Box 1*0.8*1.8m

Fiber Module 0.5*0.6*0.14m

Laser Medium

Single Core Junction Semiconductor Module

Max Cutting Speed


Cooling Way

Water Cooling

Laser Power

500W(Option 750W/1000W/2000W)

Min Line Width


Cutting Depth


Driving and Transmission Way

Imported Servo Motor and Linear Guide Rail

Power Requirements


Continuous Working Time


Related Weight

Machine Body 2732kg Trolley 116kg

Computer Cabinet 56kg Servo Cabinet 75kg

Transformer 77kg Chiller 93kg Fiber Module 50kg

Applicable materials and industry:

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Applicable Target Customers
» This series fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for the customers who need to process plenty of thin metal sheet and high reflective metal materials.
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Applicable material
» Specially for carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy, aluminum, galvanized steel, titanium, brass, copper and other metal sheets.
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Applicable Industry

» Sheet metal working, hardware, kitchenware, electronic, automotive parts, advertising sign, furniture, lighting, decoration, jewelry, etc.

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