Generator is difficult to start or does not start

The reason why the generator is difficult to start or does not start Diesel Generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2013-06-28

Difficult start-up of diesel generators/gasoline generators or prolonged start-up times may be caused by (1) insufficient warm-up before start-up
Excluded method: check the preheated components;
(2) The unit is at thin air conditions on the plateau
Exclusion method: Can't start at full speed once, but must run at idle speed for a certain period of time before it can rise to full speed;
(3) Some electric adjustment units start the throttle potentiometer too small
Exclusion method: Refer to the manual of random electronic control, adjust the potentiometer appropriately;
(4) Insufficient battery capacity of the unit startup battery
Exclusion method: maintenance of the battery [charge, rehydration] if necessary, replace this group of batteries;
(5) The unit is at a low temperature
Exclusion method: try to improve the body temperature, it is recommended to use unit heater;
(6) Use of wrong type or grade of fuel
Exclusion method: must be replaced;
(7) Water in the fuel
Excluded method: replace the fuel, it is recommended to install oil-water separator;
(8) There is air or no fuel in the fuel system
Exclusion method: Air is eliminated, and the fuel is normally discharged from the return pipe by a manual fuel pump;
(9) Severe jam of Fuel Filter
Excluded method: regular replacement of the fuel filter;
(10) Severe intake system blockage
Excluded method: regular replacement of air filter.

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