Foton Aoling CTX Features Details

Foton Aoling CTX Features
Efforts at power in the transmission are on the rear axle

   The latest generation of Cummins turbocharger system, power up to 125kw, maximum torque of 600Nm, up power of 33kw/L, 1.5 times that of similar products; modular design, parts and components are only 70% of similar products, stable and easy to maintain, the key Parts are purchased from globally renowned suppliers such as BOSCH and MAHLE; the entire vehicle experiences 1.6 million kilometers of durability tests and "three-high" limit verification, stable and durable, and ensures efficient attendance; Integrated fault detection, cruise positioning, security, and backhaul Home and other electronic control functions to protect the engine and vehicle from damage; comprehensive fuel consumption reduced by 8%, maintenance interval of 20,000 km (only 1/4 of similar products), major components 18 months/120,000 km warranty (year-on-year extension 50%), saving more than 100,000 yuan in life, using one car, saving one car; world leading technology casts Cummins ISF engine .

   Adopting ZF technology from Germany, high-tooth design, fine grinding of key gears, large gear contact area, uniform force, high reliability, transmission efficiency over 96%; control mechanism adopts German Schaeffler technology, double cone synchronization The synchronizer has large capacity, clear and smooth shifting, low noise, and comfortable operation .

   British Lotus technology optimizes the rear axle, the key gears use fine grinding, high torque capacity, the main reducer assembly adopts compressible spacers to improve the service life and noise indicators, and the rear axle main driven gear adopts optimized Gleason-made tapering Tooth, noise is significantly reduced .

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