· Forecasting heavy pollution

The reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau that this year will revise the air pollution emergency plan. In the future, two to three days before the heavy pollution weather will start the emission reduction measures in advance. These measures will be more severe than now, and it is possible to issue an orange warning. The implementation of single and double number limits in advance. Guoyi, Guoji and heavy-duty diesel vehicles will also become the focus of rectifying old vehicles this year. It is planned to phase out 200,000 vehicles. Next year, the national standard motor vehicle will be restricted within six rings. In addition, this year, construction dust collection and sewage charges will be imposed, and the management of construction sites will be strengthened to reduce dust pollution.
The emergency plan for heavy air pollution will be revised to start the emission reduction measures ahead of schedule. During the APEC meeting last year, the city once predicted that there was a heavy air pollution process, but due to the high-standard emission reduction measures initiated by Beijing and surrounding provinces and cities, the heavy pollution was caused. Passing by with Beijing. This year, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will learn from the APEC meeting experience, revise the air pollution emergency plan, and forecast the heavy pollution weather, start the emission reduction measures in advance, and these measures will be more stringent than the current, minimize pollution intensity and duration, reduce the The impact of public health.
The reporter learned that the current implementation of the "Beijing Air Heavy Pollution Emergency Plan" was implemented in October 2013. According to the air quality forecast, and considering the air pollution level and duration, the air heavy pollution is divided into four early warning levels. It is expressed in four colors of blue, yellow, orange and red. Among them, the red warning is the highest level, and the city will start the “six stop and one rush” measures, including production stoppage, stoppage, parking, stop burning, parking, suspension of classes and flushing of roads. Among them, “Schools in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens are suspended”; “There are measures to implement motor vehicle single and double number driving within the city, and the city’s official vehicles are driven by single and double numbers, and then stop driving 30% of all official vehicles”. Most concerned. However, according to the plan, these measures are implemented on the day of heavy air pollution.
The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that the emission reduction measures after the formation of heavy pollution weather can only reduce the degree of pollution to a certain extent. However, before the heavy pollution weather comes, the pollutant discharge will form the heavy pollution weather. To the important impact. Therefore, combined with air quality forecasting, the emission reduction measures will be initiated in advance, and the possibility of heavy pollution can be reduced through “people's efforts”. This is the basic idea for amending the “Emergency Plan for Heavy Air Pollution” this year.
After the new program is introduced, the warning information will be divided into two parts, some of which are “health tips”. Continue the current practice, and release the air pollution situation in the next day or three days in advance through the media to the public 24 hours a day. Protect or reduce the preparation for outdoor activities. The other part is “starting emission reduction measures”. In the two to three days before the forecast of heavy air pollution, the emission reduction measures will be started in advance, and these measures will be more severe than now. For example, measures such as single and double number limit and bus stop are only started when a red warning is issued (predicting serious pollution for 3 days in the future). It is expected to issue an orange warning in the future (predicting that heavy pollution will occur alternately for 3 days in the future or Start when it is seriously polluted.
"This also means that if there is a possibility of severely polluted weather after two days, although the current air quality is very good, some emission reduction measures may be taken to control the pollution level," said the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.
The specific standards for the construction of dust emission charges during the year are pending approval. The annual average concentration of inhalable particulate matter (PM10) in the city increased by 7.1% year-on-year. It has the reasons for the dry climate and dusty weather, and also indicates that the city's cleanliness needs to be improved. Urban refinement and grid management still need to be strengthened. Yu Jianhua, director of the Environmental Protection Department of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said yesterday that this year the city will increase the control of dust pollution on the construction site and start the collection of dust emission charges. At present, the dust emission charges are being submitted for review, and the price charged is subject to the approval of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission.
The dust pollution generated at the construction site can directly increase the concentration of PM10 in the air. For this reason, the city has strengthened management of high-polluting enterprises. Last year, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau cancelled a total of 26 enterprises with serious dust pollution and bidding qualifications in Beijing within a certain period of time, the longest being six months. This also means that these companies can only be shut down during the penalty period.
Since January 1 this year, the new "Environmental Protection Law" has been officially implemented, and the first "Personal Punishment by Day" has been proposed. Yu Jianhua said that the construction dust and sewage charges to be collected by the city during the year is a specific measure. According to preliminary calculations, enterprises with serious dust pollution will charge 3 yuan of smoke and sewage charges per square meter, but other factors should be considered and comprehensive pricing. In addition, a series of standards such as coal-fired boiler standards will be introduced this year to limit emissions.
PM2.5 concentration will drop by 5% this year. After two years of emission reduction pressure, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that this year's target is to reduce the PM2.5 concentration by another 5%. In addition, total emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides decreased by 6%.
In order to successfully complete this year's target, the city will continue to adopt a series of emission reduction measures. It is understood that the current coal consumption in this city is about 19 million tons, and this year will reduce 4 million tons. Dongcheng District and Xicheng District should basically be built into “coal-free zone”. The city’s six districts will basically realize non-combustion coal boilers, and the suburban counties will implement more than 2000 tons of clean energy conversion for coal-fired boilers.
In terms of motor vehicle management, in accordance with the principle of “new methods for new cars and old methods for old cars”, new heavy-duty diesel vehicles will all implement the national five standards, achieve full compliance with EU standards, and accelerate the formulation of the sixth phase oil standards. At the same time, this year plans to phase out 200,000 old motor vehicles, and the national and national standard vehicles and heavy-duty diesel vehicles are the focus of governance. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that the latest National Standard Vehicle has been in operation for 13 years, so it is necessary to speed up the elimination through government subsidies. Next year, the national standard car will be restricted within the six ring. In addition, this year, the city will continue to improve the monitoring and early warning, emergency response, joint law enforcement and other mechanisms in conjunction with neighboring provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to achieve coordinated emission reduction.
The reporter of Beiqing Daily found that this year is the third year of the Beijing Clean Air Five-Year Action Plan (2013-2017). According to the plan, by 2017, the concentration of PM2.5 in the air of the city should be controlled at 60 μg/m3. Last year, it fell to 85.9 micrograms per cubic meter. After dropping 5% this year, the PM2.5 concentration is about 81.6 μg/m3, which means that the emission reduction pressure will further increase in the next two years, and the average PM2.5 concentration will fall by more than 10%.
According to Zhang Dawei, director of the Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, the number of excellent days in the city reached 204 days last year, accounting for more than half of the total number of days, of which 93 days were first-class and 22 days more than in 2013. The number of heavy pollution days caused by PM2.5 was 45 days, which was 13 days lower than the previous year, but the number of heavy pollution days increased by 2 days. In addition, the average annual concentration of PM2.5 was 85.9 μg/m3 last year, down 4% year-on-year, but it still exceeded the national standard by more than double, and did not complete the target of 5% reduction at the beginning of the year. Affected by sand and dust weather, the concentration of inhalable particulate matter (PM10) did not fall and rose last year, up 7.1% year-on-year.
Last year, except for heavy pollution in June, August and September, heavy air pollution occurred in other months. The city's air pollution showed obvious characteristics of low spring and summer and high autumn and winter. Zhang Dawei said that this is due to the increase in pollutant emissions during the winter coal-fired heating in Beijing, coupled with meteorological conditions such as static stability and inversion, which caused the accumulation of pollutants. The heavy pollution process lasted more than three days last year reached 7 times, the longest one appeared in February and lasted for a whole week.
At the same time, emissions from specific sources and specific sources of pollution also have a significant adverse impact on short-term air quality. For example, during the Lantern Festival in February last year, a large number of fireworks and firecrackers were concentrated and discharged, and the meteorological conditions were unfavorable, resulting in the retention of pollutants, resulting in heavy air pollution for four consecutive days. In the first ten days of October, a large amount of straw was burned in the surrounding areas, which also brought heavy pollution to the city.
Since the implementation of the "Beijing Air Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations" in March last year, the city's environmental violation penalty amount exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time, and nearly 3,000 environmental violations and 13,640 vehicles exceeded the standard.
Explain why the goal of reducing PM2.5 concentration by 5% last year was not completed?
It is understood that the PM2.5 concentration of the first-class excellent weather is lower than 30 μg/m3, while the PM2.5 concentration of the sixth-grade severe pollution exceeds 300 μg/m3. Therefore, the concentration of one heavy pollution day is often equivalent to 10 The sum of more than one ordinary day concentration has a significant impact on overall air quality.
The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Environmental Monitoring Center said that the heavy pollution weather decreased by 13 days last year, but due to the frequent frequency of dust and the dry climate, the number of severe pollution days of the sixth grade increased by 2 days, which increased the average annual concentration of PM2.5. If you reduce another severely polluted weather, the task can be basically completed.
Judging from the current inspection situation, when there is serious air pollution in Beijing, the surrounding area is generally at a high pollution level within 200,000 square kilometers. The contribution of regional transmission to the pollution of this city will sometimes reach 50%, plus Beijing is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Geographical features, easy to accumulate pollutants. Therefore, regional joint prevention and control and local emission reduction measures will continue to be strengthened in the future.

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