Focusing on green development, Jiangsu's cities are turning to “green”

Emphasis on green development During the two sessions of the National Conference last year, when General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the deliberations of the Jiangsu delegation, we asked us to take ecological civilization construction as a benchmark. The provincial party committee and the provincial government have thoroughly studied and implemented the important directives of the general secretary and regard the construction of ecological civilization as a long-term plan for the well-being of the people and the future of Jiangsu. They persist in controlling the source, grasping the governance, establishing the system, and strictly supervising and implementing economic construction and ecological construction. Promote together, evaluate economic benefits and environmental benefits together, develop material civilization together with ecological civilization, delineate ecological protection red line areas, construct ecological compensation and green development assessment mechanisms, highlight the three focuses of prevention of atmospheric pollution, water pollution prevention, and comprehensive urban-rural environmental improvement. Continuously improve the quality of the ecological environment.

From the city to the “green”, the main responsible comrades of the 13 provincial cities in Jiangsu and leaders in charge of environmental protection have received the "2013 Jiangsu Province Green Development Assessment Report." The third-party evaluation report, which was reported by the provincial government's executive meeting, showed that the comprehensive index of green development in Jiangsu Province was 72.7 in 2013, which was 4.5% higher than that in 2012; but due to the overall decline in atmospheric quality, the province and 13 provinces in 2013 The ecological efficiency index of the municipality is generally low. The city's assessment report was based on an objective score, but also aimed at how the city changed its prescription to “green”.

"Jiangsu's green development evaluation system is simply the 'two subtractions' and 'one addition'." Chen Mengmeng, director of the Provincial Environmental Protection Agency, said that "two sub-items" refer to resource consumption index and environmental damage index. The resource consumption index includes three indicators, energy consumption per unit of GDP, area occupied by construction land per unit of GDP, and water consumption per unit of GDP. The environmental damage index includes two indicators, the virtual treatment cost of water pollution, and the virtual treatment cost of air pollution.

“One additional item” refers to the eco-efficiency index, which includes six indicators. The proportion of surface water in State-owned and provincial-controlled sections is better than that in category III, the proportion of days with air quality above the secondary standard, the control level of ecological red-line areas, and forest trees. Coverage, rate of green land in built-up areas, and per capita supply of ecological products.

According to reports, Jiangsu's green development assessment is conducted by a third party. Members of the research group are the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Provincial Academy of Environmental Sciences, the Provincial Environmental Consultation Center, and the School of Environment of Nanjing University. The appraisal work was highly concerned by the provincial party committee and the provincial government. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Zhijun and Governor Li Xueyong heard special reports in early 2014.

The green development assessment takes “environmental costs” into consideration and reminds people not to forget to maintain the environment while developing the economy. For the people, the environment is no less important than economic development. This will be more beneficial to the construction of our country’s ecological civilization system.

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