Fluorite ore dressing equipment

The fluorite ore dressing equipment needs to be determined according to the specific properties of the fluorite ore and the beneficiation process. In general, the ore dressing methods of the fluorite ore are re-election and flotation. Reselection method for obtaining the metallurgical grade fluorspar ore flotation process for the preparation of high-grade chemical fluoro fluorite powder. Then the fluorite ore dressing equipment is divided into re-election equipment and flotation equipment , which are respectively introduced below.

1, fluorite re-election equipment

The fluorite re-election is mainly used for the re-election and purification of coarse-grained high-quality fluorite ore. It also has a good enrichment effect for the beneficiation of some low-grade fluorite ore. The re-election of fluorite ore is mainly based on gravity separation of fluorite and associated gangue. The main sorting equipment is jig, auxiliary equipment is crusher , vibrating screen and so on. The jib-selected fluorite mine also has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. In today's increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, the hopping machine selection fluorite process is gradually replacing the flotation method to select fluorite, which becomes the mainstream of fluorite ore dressing. Methods and equipment.

2, fluorite flotation equipment

Fluorite flotation is similar to other mineral flotation. It is based on the floatability difference between fluorite and associated waste rock. The main sorting equipment is flotation machine. The auxiliary equipment includes crusher, ball mill , classifier, float. Machine selection, etc. The number of fluorite flotation selections is high, so the number of flotation machines required is also large.

The fluorite ore dressing equipment is determined according to the use and nature of the fluorite ore concentrate and the beneficiation process. The use of the corresponding beneficiation equipment plays a very important role in the profitability of the fluorite ore dressing plant. Therefore, before purchasing the fluorite ore dressing equipment, it must be To understand the use of fluorite ore concentrates and the nature of fluorite ore.

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