Fast welcomes Ford Turkish company guests to strengthen win-win cooperation

On January 12, 2016, Chairman of Fast Group, Yan Jianbo and Deputy General Manager Wang Fengbo met with the visiting general manager of product development at Ford Turkey Company at the Fast Industrial Xi'an High-tech Factory Research Institute. The two parties shared issues of common concern. Conducted the talks.

Fast Leaders Meet with Ford Turkish Company Guests
Fast Leaders Meet with Ford Turkish Company Guests

During the talks, Yan Jianbo briefed the guests on Fast Manufacturing's equipment manufacturing capabilities, innovative R&D system, product technology content, market supporting systems, and international development. He said that after many years of market tests, Fast Transmission has established a wide range of brand advantages. While insisting on product innovation and technological transformation, we are constantly pursuing domestic and foreign customers to provide the best quality products and the most complete services. Under the new normal, Fast will make efforts in new product R&D, market expansion, quality improvement and cost control, and provide strong driving force for the healthy and sustainable development of the company. It is hoped that the two sides can further enhance cooperation and friendship and solidify cooperative relations and realize win-win development.

After the talks, accompanied by Wang Fengbo, the guests visited the company's Academy Exhibition Hall, Experimental Center, 330,000 and 540,000 joint production workshops, and conducted a site visit to the company's scientific and technological R&D and equipment manufacturing capabilities.

Engine Powered Winch introduction

Engine powered winch is set up high-voltage transmission lines and laying of aerial construction machinery underground cables, smooth, convenient for Tower Group legislature, set up guide (land) lines, lifting, pulling in a variety of complex conditions. Motor cutter grinding widely used in electricity, telecommunications line construction group established tower or motor actinomycetes, also in place for lifting and pulling heavy objects, suitable for field sites without electricity, the use of flexible construction, docks and so on. The experiments and field practice has proved that with a reasonable structure, small size, light weight, utilitarian large, flexible operation, easy handling, etc., the majority of electric power, telecommunications operators welcome. Motor cutter grinding force divided by diesel powered winch and winch motor gasoline.

engine powered winch



1. Reasonable structure

2. Small volume

3. Light weight

4. Strong power

5. Nimble operation

6. Convenient transporting.


diesel engine powered winchgasoline engine powered winch

Engine powered winch type table:


Gasoline engine

Air cooling

Diesel engine

Water cooling

Air cooling





Faster slow



Drive mode

Belt drive

Axis drive

Starting mode

Hand cranking

Hand pulling


Single drum

Double drum

Engine Powered Winch

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