Fair competition is the cornerstone of the development of automotive aftermarket

China is the world's largest automobile production and sales volume. Correspondingly, China's auto market has entered a period of high growth. The automotive aftermarket covers all the services needed by consumers after they purchase a car. They mainly include vehicle insurance (rest assured), maintenance and repair, replacement of parts, addition of equipment, and provision of information. Facing this huge market, establishing a fair competition system is the cornerstone for the healthy development of the automotive aftermarket.

Automotive after-market needs fair competition, according to experts, automotive after-market profits generated approximately 2.3 times profit before auto market, auto market is the competition for various automobile manufacturers based on the market's foundation. In Europe, in order to create a fair aftermarket system, the European Commission adopted the new automobile industry exemption regulations and related guidelines to maintain fair competition between independent auto repairers and sales channels. The focus is on the following aspects:

The first is to ensure that independent repairers can obtain all parts without restrictions. Through the promotion of various organizations, currently independent European repairers have the ability to purchase all parts. According to experts, in China, there are still many restrictions for repairers to obtain parts and components, and this problem has yet to be solved by the repairers.

The second is that the repairer has the right to obtain equivalent quality accessories from its designated supplier. This difference still exists in China. 4S stores have obvious advantages.

Third, independent operators have the ability to obtain technical information, tools and training. This provision is the key to the key. In China, auto maintenance manuals, parts catalogs, and tools are sold only in the 4S shop system and are not external. However, in Europe, this monopoly has been broken. At present, relevant Chinese legal documents are still in the drafting stage.

Fourth, spare parts manufacturers can directly sell to the aftermarket. This point is also limited by car manufacturers in the country.

Fifth, component manufacturers mark their own trademarks on products provided by vehicle manufacturers. According to reports, European parts and components manufacturing plants are very powerful. Companies such as Ph.D. have a considerable number of patented automotive technologies and are very strong. European parts factories have their own trademarks. Consumers can buy parts from a variety of sources and are not constrained by a certain OEM price increase. In China, there are no large parts and components distributors, and some small parts factories are scattered in the auto parts city. It is difficult to guarantee quality.

In Germany, there are no professional technicians such as BMW and Audi in the comprehensive repair shop, but skilled technicians are very strict in their examinations. The craftsmanship of the German handicrafts association is not inferior to that of an agent technician. The service concept of the repair shop is a comprehensive, independent repair.

According to reports, all this is also a result of the game between the various interest groups on the automobile industry chain. After lobbying and playing games, a framework was formed to prevent a certain interest group from abusing the market and distorting the market, thus ensuring the free competition in the EU market. Its five major policies include: intellectual property rights, alliances, monopolies, mergers, and national rescue. The anti-monopoly legal framework of the European Commission is very detailed, and even how to use words, letters, logos, sounds, etc. is fully stipulated. For example, Mercedes-Benz's whistle sounds are patents that others cannot imitate.

There is also a "reasonable use" in the regulations, that is, the components of the aftermarket can only be marked as follows: the clutch for xxx, but not the xxx clutch. The EU stipulates the intellectual property, the model of the design, the appearance of the product, and so on, in order to implement it.

At the exchange meeting, experts also introduced some important terms of the European after-sales market, such as: not to abuse the warranty terms, so that vehicle repairs and maintenance are limited to authorized manufacturers; independent operators can obtain parts including authorization, not allowed Monopoly, the OEM’s parts suppliers are free to supply spare parts to independent aftermarkets; tools must not abuse the terms, which mainly prevent the situation that cannot be repaired due to the inability to obtain special tools from OEMs; authorized repairers are free to Independent suppliers obtain original parts; independent operators can obtain corresponding technical information.

Experts believe that according to the current situation in the domestic auto market , there are still many areas for improvement. For example, in China, general OEMs and contractors will sign contracts and do not allow take-away related parts. This situation is in violation of the "anti-monopoly law" in Europe and the United States. The general international spare parts factory did not dare to directly sign such clauses with the domestic main engine factory. The following will note one: “The domestic main engine factory request”. To this end, some major brand OEMs have made it clear that once China has enacted relevant laws, they must strictly abide by them. In China, many parts and components manufacturers are required to only use the OEM logo, which is also an obvious unfair term. However, it is estimated that in the next 3-5 years, China will also have enough spare parts manufacturers and their chain distribution channels to compete with the OEM. In addition, including such clauses as "independent operators can have the right to obtain all the information, so that independent repair factories can get enough technical information to repair the car" is also the future direction of domestic auto aftermarket efforts.

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