·Development and Reform Commission: making positive progress in using foreign capital and overseas investment

In 2014, various localities and departments insisted on promoting reform and promoting development through opening up, accelerating the construction of a new open economic system, and solidly promoting various tasks and achieving positive results. The import and export of foreign trade grew steadily. The total import and export volume of the year was 430.103 billion US dollars, up 3.4% over the previous year, of which exports were 2,342.75 billion US dollars, up 6.1%, and imports were 1,960.29 billion US dollars, up 0.4%. Overseas investment has developed rapidly. The overseas investment in the non-financial sector for the year was US$102.89 billion, an increase of 14.1% year-on-year. The use of foreign capital pays more attention to efficiency and quality, strengthens the introduction of foreign investment, technology, and intelligence. The actual use of foreign investment in the non-financial sector for the year is US$119.56 billion, an increase of 1.7% year-on-year. A total of 3.8 billion foreign preferential loans and 67.5 billion international commercial loans are arranged. Dollar.
Since last year, in order to better serve the new system of open economy, the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant departments have introduced a series of reform measures in the use of foreign capital and overseas investment.
First, the overseas investment projects were basically changed to filing management, and the level of investment facilitation was significantly improved. In April, the overseas investment project approval and filing management measures were promulgated. In December, the management measures were revised again according to the “Government approved investment project catalogue (2014)). The overseas investment projects were basically changed to record management, and only for sensitive countries and Approved overseas investment projects of enterprises in sensitive and sensitive industries. At the same time, the “National Overseas Investment Project Recording Network System” was established and launched to realize online application, online communication and immediate feedback of overseas investment projects.
The second is to strengthen the "going out" strategic plan and overall coordination of major issues. Introduce guiding documents for overseas investment, and systematically put forward the overall requirements and main tasks of overseas investment work in the new period. In combination with China's economic development, industrial structure transformation and upgrading, and the transfer of advantageous production capacity, we will establish and improve bilateral investment cooperation mechanisms around key countries, regions, and key industrial development plans, strengthen overall guidance, and promote the implementation of key projects, and achieved good results.
The third is to actively explore new modes of foreign investment management and relax investment access. We will deepen the reform of the foreign investment management system, introduce measures for the approval and filing of foreign investment projects, explore the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list management model for foreign investment, and combine foreign investment projects from comprehensive approval to universal filing and limited approval. The management method has greatly reduced the scope of approval, simplified the approval process, and implemented over 95% of filing management. Revise the catalogue of foreign investment industry guidance, further liberalize general manufacturing industries such as metallurgical petrochemicals, machinery and equipment, light industry, and access restrictions in some service industries such as trade logistics, e-commerce, infrastructure operations, business and social services, and promote finance, Some service industries, such as culture, are open to order. We will promote the construction of a free trade park and actively support the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in the areas of exploring pre-entry national treatment and negative list management mode, and expanding investment access, and will do a good job in coordination and guidance.
The fourth is to actively promote the reform of foreign loan management. Simplify the foreign loan approval process, reform the planning management model, actively serve the national major strategic initiatives and reform pilot tasks, and amplify the pilot demonstration and innovation leading role of loans. Simplify the examination and approval of foreign debts, reform the management of medium and long-term international commercial loans, and initiate pilot work on cutting management.
In the next step, we will better adapt to the new normal of economic development and the new characteristics of opening up to the outside world, continue to deepen the reform of key areas of foreign investment and overseas investment, improve the efficiency and quality of overseas investment, and promote the high level of foreign investment. First, further strengthen the guidance and coordination of overseas investment. We will promote the legislative work of overseas investment, guide the promotion of major equipment “going out” and international cooperation in production capacity, improve the financial support policies for overseas investment, give full play to the role of various bilateral cooperation mechanisms, and continue to promote key overseas investment cooperation projects. The second is to promote the use of foreign capital at a high level. Issued a new revised foreign investment industry guidance catalogue to promote the orderly opening of related industries. Further explore the national treatment and negative list management model for foreign investment before entry. Guide the reform of the foreign investment management system of the four free trade zones in Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian and Tianjin and relax the pilot of investment access, and do a good job in the replication and transformation of successful experience. Guide the Yangtze River Economic Belt to open up to the outside world and actively promote the demonstration of industrial transfer. The third is to continue to promote foreign loan reform work and improve the efficiency of loan use. Continue to promote foreign loan approval and foreign preferential loan planning management reform, and promptly revise relevant measures. In accordance with the requirements of RMB internationalization and capital project opening, we will improve macro-prudential full-caliber foreign debt management.

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