Dahua Launches 4G Wireless Capture Unit to Expand Bayonet Application Blind Area

At present, the construction of highway bayonet systems and road monitoring systems throughout the country has gradually matured, and the front-end equipment and platforms are basically transmitted through the network. However, for the highways, township roads, and urban outer ring roads, the cost of laying the network is particularly high, resulting in high system construction costs. How to reduce the cost of network installation and solve the problem of inconvenient network transmission under special scenarios has become a new demand for the construction sector.

Based on a deep understanding of the needs of customers, Dahua Securities has launched a 4G wireless video surveillance system suitable for highway bayonet and road video surveillance. The system products adopt 4G wireless transmission module, without laying optical fiber and network cable, and can directly access the back-end platform through the operator's network, which has changed the inconvenience caused by network transmission or the cost of network installation to the bayonet construction unit. It has enriched Dahua. The intelligent transportation product line expands the blind spot of the bayonet monitoring application in special scenes.
Integrated molding system is highly integrated
Dahua 4G wireless capture system uses a fully embedded integrated, component design, interpretation of the product's refined work and low power considerations; at the same time, the system integration is high, the camera is installed into the shield, and in the shield to add Lamps, hard disks, lithium batteries, terminals, wireless devices, etc., to improve the standardization of the system, eliminating the need for on-site installation procedures, easy installation, fast, saving a lot of time.
Super 4G wireless transmission efficient and practical

As a capture system for applications with high wiring costs and hard wiring, built-in 4G, Wifi, GPS and other functions are very practical. The system is equipped with Netcom 4G wireless transmission module, which does not require the laying of optical fiber or network cable. It can directly access the back-end platform through the operator's network to provide a new networking method for difficult construction areas. It supports Wifi function and can be accessed via the Wifi hotspot. Easy to debug; With GPS function, real-time camera positioning, easy to theft and fixed-point monitoring; At the same time, in order to reduce back-end storage pressure, but also standard 1T hard drive front-end storage, to ensure the front-end storage capacity, no need to reprovision terminal box.
High-definition smart recognition rate accuracy

Dahua 4G wireless capture system in terms of performance, continued Dahua transport products has always been the advantage: high-definition, smart. Products using high-performance CCD sensors, support 2 million, 3 million, 7 million pixels, combined with precise light control image processing technology, image color reproduction is high, day and night imaging details are clearly visible, to achieve high-definition capture, camera; system support intelligence Analyze the algorithm to accurately identify the specific information such as license plate number, vehicle model, color, etc. of the target vehicle; intelligent detection does not follow lanes, press lines, retrograde, occupy non-motorized lanes, intersection detention and congestion detection, violation of dedicated lanes, no safety belts, etc. Dangerous behavior; can capture non-motorized vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, and pedestrians. In the actual scene test, the recognition rate and accuracy of the Dahua 4G wireless capture system are quite high, and the overall performance is very good.

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