♦ Accurate P.I.D temperature control to achieve an even drying effect;
♦ Air-proofed insulative dorr can maintain temperature constantly inside to reduce energy consumption;
♦ Stainless steel tray and liner bring no contamination to materials;
♦ Unique design of adjustable air inlet and exhaust;
♦ 24 hours timer, easy to operate;
♦ Overheat protector can prevent excessive drying;
♦ Visible alarm to indicate troubles immediately;

Accessory option
♦  Air inlet and exhaust flange are optional ;
♦ Tray size and inner dimensions of the dryer can be specified according to requirements;

       CD series chassis type dryer is suitable for all kinds of plastic material drying, and drying different materials at the same time, very suitable for a small amount, the diversity of raw material drying or the use of test, also can be used in electronics, electrical machinery, electroplating, painting, printing products related to preheat or dry processing.








A functioning Volvo Strut Mount will often improve your vehicle's suspension and steering ability. Your Volvo Strut Mount works as a mount for a strut and can help boost your vehicle's suspension and steering function. A dysfunctional Volvo Strut Mount can make your car bounce and eventually make you crash the car

740 85-92;780 87-92;940 91-95;960 92-97;S90 97-98;V90 97-98;c7098-04;X70 03-07;V70 98-05

VOLVO Strut Mounts

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