Chaochai Powered NGD 3.0 Engine Equipped with Special Vehicles for Escort of G20 Summit

The 2016 G20 Summit and the Eleventh Summit of the G20 leaders will be held from September 4th to 5th in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Party and national leaders and leaders of 20 countries around the world will attend the meeting.

Thanks to the superior performance of the Chaochai Power NGD 3.0 engine, this event was once again selected as the exclusive driving force for the conference special vehicles following the National Day of Public Sacrifice on December 13, 2014 and the national parade celebration in 2015.

Chaochai Engine Chaochai Engine

In order to ensure the successful completion of this activity, Chaochai Power paid great attention. The sales company's service department formulated a special service guarantee program such as inspection plans and accessories guarantee programs, and mobilized the service department, technical center, office, and Nanjing Zhongwei service station. Staff composed of service assurance teams. The service department leader led the service support team to visit the shunting units Jiangsu Foreign Automobile Team and Nanjing Wenyu Racing Team to earnestly understand the use and maintenance status of the Chaochai Power NGD 3.0 engine equipped with the Baosteel Bus.

The Jiangsu Office paid great attention to this activity and actively cooperated with the Service Department to transfer the whole machine and accessories, coordinate service station maintenance personnel and call service vehicles, and fully service and prepare for the event. The whole business department and accessories branch of the sales company also gave strong support and laid a good foundation for the successful completion of the event.

Chaochai Engine Repair Zhaochai Power Service Support Group conducts a comprehensive inspection

On August 16th, Zhu Wenjie, Service Director of Ankai Passenger Car Suhu Region, Ge Jiman, General Manager of Baosteel Suhu Regional Service, and Chaochai Power Service Support Team performed comprehensive bus services for Baosteel at designated locations in Nanjing Jingcheng Service Station. an examination.

In August, the Nanjing heat wave hit people, checking the site temperature as high as 40 degrees, sweat cover their eyes, wet overalls, in order to protect the conference car foolproof, Zhaochai power service security team according to the requirements of each car, step by step carefully Check and debug, check the engine and listen to the sound until there is no problem at all.

After six days of hard work, the Chaochai Power Service Protection Team successfully completed the inspection of the G20 vehicle. On August 22, after a day of trial run by the team, all vehicles met the conference car requirements. On August 23, the team has already traveled to Hangzhou to implement the G20 summit.

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In the development process of automobiles and motorcycles pursuing lightweight and luxurious beauty, plastic electroplating has played a vital role. From door handles, car trademarks, nameplates, car interiors, reflectors, dial decorations to operating rod heads, steering wheel decorations, high-end wheel shell covers, grilles, decorative strips, etc., a large number of plastic electroplated products are used. Not only are automotive decorative parts, there are also a large number of plastic electroplated products on motorcycles and bicycles.

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