Analysis of Development Situation and Prospect of China's CNC Machine Tool Industry in 2012

Analysis of Development Situation and Prospect of China's CNC Machine Tool Industry in 2012 China's macro adjustment of industrial development, compared with the past, industrial manufacturing machine tool products, process technology requirements have significantly improved, low-end product market demand rapidly reduced, high-end CNC machine tools usher in a larger market space, is expected in the next 3-5 years, China's CNC The growth rate of the machine tool industry will reach about 12%.

Driven by the market demand, China's booming demand for the CNC machine tool industry will maintain rapid growth, with an average compound annual growth rate of 37.4%. CNC machine tools have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. According to Luo Baihui, the secretary-general of the International Mould, Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers Association and chief information officer of Jinmo Machine Tool Network, China will continue to invest and increase its efforts during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Each year, major projects will drive more than 10 billion yuan of funds. Not only has it driven the market development of China's domestic CNC machine tools and its numerical control systems and related functional components, it has also provided excellent opportunities for domestic CNC system manufacturers to continuously develop their own technologies and expand their markets.

The development of CNC machine tools in China will strive to solve the problems of large but not strong hosts, lagging development of numerical control systems and functional components, large gaps in key technology of high-end CNC machine tools, low product quality stability, and poor overall economic efficiency of the industry, which will foster core competitiveness. , independent innovation, quantitative integration, brand building, and other aspects have been raised to a strategic height and the industrial output value has reached 800 billion yuan. And strive to achieve a series of medium and long-term goals such as the transition from a machine tool to a machine tool, a powerful country, and the realization of a dominant position in the domestic market for domestic high-end CNC machine tools.

Due to the price drop, a large amount of new production capacity began to be transferred to the international market. In the first half of this year, the overall performance of the industry declined by nearly 20%. Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Die & Metals and Plastics Industry Suppliers Association, said that the numerically-controlled machine tool industry is expected to see a new round in the second half of this year due to the decline in both cost and price, stronger competitiveness in the international market, and recent policy support. The increase in production capacity.

With the recent acquisition of foreign companies by industry leaders such as Zoomlion and Sany Heavy Industry, China's CNC machine tool industry in the valley has shown internal adjustments, and the pace of internationalization has begun to accelerate. According to data from the China Investment Association, in the first half of the year, the value of domestic CNC machine tool industry exports reached 3.825 billion yuan, an increase of 32.9% year-on-year.

After a period of rapid development, China's CNC machine tool industry has achieved a significant advancement in the level of science and technology, in particular, some machine tools with good market prospects, such as CNC cutting machines, CNC flame cutting machines, CNC plasma cutting machines, etc. Equipment in the intelligent technology to achieve international standards, cheap products have sufficient international competitiveness. According to the government’s steady growth signal, it is expected that the industry as a whole will still achieve an increase of 12% this year, with an increase in exports of more than 30%.

Fiber Coupled LED

Fiber Coupled LED

â–  UV, Visible, and NIR Versions (from 375nm to 1550nm)
â–  The SMA connector is ideal for multimode fiber.
â–  Multi-wavelength fiber coupled LED available.
fiber coupled LED
fiber coupled system

Data Sheet for Single Wavelength LED

Model Color

Nominal Wavelength (nm)

Bandwidth FWHM (nm) Typical Φ600um Core Fiber Output Power SMA (mW) Maximum Current CW (mA) Forward Voltage (V) Typical Lifetime (h)


375 9 3.0 1400 3.6 ~10000
LFM395 UV 395 16 1.0 500 4.5 ~10000
LFM405 UV 405 12 4.2 1400 3.45 ~10000
LFM430 Violet 430 15 1.0 500 3.8 ~10000
LFM460 Royal Blue 460 25 6.0 1000 3.6 ~10000
LFM470 Blue 470 25 3.2 1000 3.2 ~10000
LFM500 Cyan 500 30 2.2 1000 3.3 ~10000
LFM530 Green 530 33 3.0 1000 3.2 ~10000
LFM565 Lime 565 104 3.0 1000 3.1 ~10000
LFM600 Amber 600 15 1.2 1000 2.6 ~10000
LFM620 Red 620 18 5.5 1000 2.2 ~10000
LFM625 Red 625 17 3.0 1000 2.2 ~10000
LFM660 Deep Red 660 20 4.0 1200 2.6 ~10000
LFM730 Far Red 730 37 1.5 1000 2.3 ~10000
LFM808 IR 808 25 2.5 500 3.6 ~10000
LFM850 IR 850 30 3.0 1500 3.85 ~10000
LFM880 IR 880 50 1.0 1000 1.7 ~10000
LFM940 IR 940 37 3.0 1000 2.75 ~10000
LFM1050 IR 1050 37 2.0 600 1.4 ~10000
LFM1550 IR 1550 102 1.0 700 1.1 ~10000


1. The above testing data are only for reference, the actual spectrum of LED may change since the temperature or other parameters are different when operating the current.

2.The above data was tested by 600μm core diameter, 0.22 NA multimode fibers. Other core diameter fibers are available on request.

Laser Head Power Supply

64 (L) ×46.5 (W) ×30 (H) mm3

114 (L) ×78 (W) ×71 (H) mm3

Data Sheet for Multi-wavelength LED

Parameters Indicators
Available wavelength (nm) 375-940
Output mode Fiber output
Fiber core diameter (μm) 400, 600, 800, 1000
Fiber connector SMA905
Output power (mW) Related to fiber
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours) <3%, <5%
Operating mode CW, TTL or Analog on request
Operating temperature (°C) 10~35
Input power
12VDC 7A
Cooling method
By air
Storage temperature (°C)
Lifetime (hours)

Fiber Specs
fiber connector

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