Aerospace Science and Technology Makes Breakthrough in New Type Liquid Surface Intelligent Monitor

[ China Instrument Network Instrument R&D ] Recently, a new type of liquid surface intelligent monitor developed and produced by the aerospace control company of China Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology No. 10 was implemented in Daqing Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield, Chongqing Shale Gas Well, Nanyang Oilfield, etc. Nearly 100 sets of small-scale promotion applications, the first batch of promotional applications have signed a contract of nearly 3 million yuan. Among them, in Daqing Oilfield, the product has successfully replaced imported products and has been highly recognized by users. The follow-up is expected to achieve large-scale application.

In the oilfield production and development, in order to reasonably formulate and adjust the development plan of the oilfield, it is necessary to test the change of the pressure in the middle of the oil well of the pumping well after the oil well is stopped by a certain means, that is, the pressure recovery of the well. At present, the main methods for monitoring pressure recovery are liquid level monitoring method, annular testing method and starting pump testing method, among which the liquid level monitoring method is the most economical and the most intuitive.
The liquid level monitor mainly uses the principle of echo distance measurement to measure the depth of the downhole liquid at the wellhead. The monitor can be applied to the oil well exploration oil to understand the liquid level recovery, evaluate the oil well productivity and permeability; the oil well understands the dynamic liquid level and adjusts the drainage parameters; or the CBM well water level monitoring, drilling mud level monitoring, etc. .
It is understood that the new liquid level monitor developed by the Aerospace Science and Technology has broken through a number of technical bottlenecks, effectively preventing the occurrence of blowout accidents, and solving the problems that the existing perforating technology cannot monitor the liquid properties and parameters in the wellbore in real time. The sound velocity error of the new liquid level monitor can reach less than 0.5%, and the liquid surface depth test error is less than 10 meters. The overall technical index is at the domestic leading level, and the product price is only about 20% of imported products, and the competitive advantage is obvious.
At the same time, the product boldly carried out technological innovation on the basis of traditional oil well level testing, solved the core problems of high-voltage microphones, high-pressure firing, and unattended high-reliability automatic calculation, and fully achieved the liquid level test of high-pressure gas wells. Real-time remote unattended monitoring effectively reduces the risk of frequent on-site testing, saves a lot of manpower costs, and provides autonomous and controllable technical support for the construction of China's smart oil fields.
(Source: Petroleum Instruments, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Baidu)

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